Site Diary

Updates from our excavations

Martin Carver event recording

Deeper Than The Dig, with Martin Carver

Watch the recording of this blockbuster online talk.

Speakers Corner for archaeology? Major new line-up will hold the space for challenging conversations

Are we willing to let history tell the truth? DVIP Speakers Corner will put the question in perspective.

LIVE / Rolling coverage from Bishop Middleham as we unearth a medieval palace

LIVE / Rolling coverage from our dig at Earth Trust, Oxfordshire

Live updates as our team unearths a Roman villa and Iron Age village in the shadow of an impressive hillfort by the River Thames.

Site Diary: Looking Back and Looking Forward

It’s time to say goodbye to our trenches at Roman Sedgefield. It’s been six weeks full of Venturers, archaeology and sheep – but just because we’ve stopped digging doesn’t mean it’s over just yet!

Site Diary: The Final Countdown

With only a week left of our dig at Roman East Park, the field team is feeling the pressure to find out as much about this unique and though-provoking site as possible ...

Site Diary: Rainy Nights at the Roman site

This week we battled wind, rain and dodgy phone signal as we got through week four of our Roman dig in East Park. But the archaeology never stops, especially at a site like this…

Site Diary: Roman urns, querns, and a little Roman shop?

It's Week 3 of the excavation at Roman East Park, Sedgefield. This week our dig has taken a turn as we’ve had to say goodbye to our Venturers, but that hasn’t stopped some amazing archaeology from being found, and some exciting new ideas from forming…

Site Diary: Roman pots and postholes at East Park

This week, our Roman dig has revealed lots of pottery, plenty of postholes, and an almost-complete vessel.

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