DigVentures is a platform that enables civic participation in archaeology and heritage projects.

We have pioneered the use of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and digital methods to increase access and opportunities for real people to purposefully participate in real research. DV is a Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Registered Organisation, and the first-ever CIfA Accredited Fieldschool.

DigVentures was started in 2012 by two archaeologists and a dog.

In 2012, our small but mighty team launched the world’s first-ever crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeological excavation at Flag Fen, a Bronze Age wetlands site and Scheduled Ancient Monument near Peterborough, UK. It was a huge success, raising a worldwide community of over 250 citizen archaeologists and £32,000 to run an internationally-important collaborative archaeological research project.

Since then, we have run over 40 projects and grown our community year upon year, proving time and again that YOU – the crowd – are at the heart of what we do.

DigVentures is a constant experiment in finding new and better ways of connecting the public with archaeology. In 2018, we hosted the DigNation festival, sharing a livestream from Lindisfarne to the world; we’ve built Digital Dig Team, the world’s first live, open-access mobile digital archaeological recording system, enabling us to share our research from the trenches in real time; we’ve launched How to Do Archaeology, an online course to help people all over the world who want to learn how to dig; and our social media channels are always ablaze with news of what we’re up to.

The wild ride we started in 2012 is picking up pace as our new model of working with the public becomes more and more popular within archaeology and beyond. We’ve got new projects and strategic partnerships developing in the UK, Europe, and the United States, and plenty more tricks up our sleeve to keep surprising, exciting – and most of all, involving – as many people as possible in what we do. Hope to see you on site soon!

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