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Why We Dig, Season 1

Docuseries / Streaming now

Why We Dig is a brand new docuseries featuring archaeologists from DigVentures. Filmed on real excavations, this is archaeology as you've never seen it before. Yes, there are discoveries. And yes, there is drama. But most importantly, there are the stories of the people who do the dirty work - the archaeologists themselves. It's archaeology for the Netflix generation!


Sudeley Castle

Crowdfunded dig / Gloucestershire / 19 - 31 October 2021

Join the DigVentures team on a real, crowdfunded archaeological dig. You’ll learn (and use) all the basic skills that a field archaeologist uses on a dig, while helping us to unearth a remarkable set of Tudor ruins. Our friendly team of professional archaeologists will be there to guide your search for evidence every step of the way, and you'll learn how to excavate, recognise new archaeological layers, identify finds, and record your discoveries like a pro.


Tasting History – Tudor Cook-Along

Online Event / Via Zoom / 22 October 2021

Join the DigVentures team live from our dig at Sudeley Castle where we're unearthing the remains of a Tudor banqueting house. Learn about Tudor cooking, take a look at our excavation site, and follow along as we try to make our own Tudor recipe. It's a feast for all your senses!

Suitable for all ages


DigCamp at Sudeley Castle (ages 6-12)

Gloucestershire / 23 - 27 October 2021

Archaeology isn't just for adults! Bring the family to enjoy some hands-on archaeology with the DigVentures team. You'll have plenty of fun as we investigate a Tudor mystery at Sudeley Castle.


DigClub at Sudeley Castle (ages 12-16)

Gloucestershire / 24 - 28 October 2021

Archaeology for teenagers?! YAAAAAS! Bring your teens to Sudeley Castle for a day out investigating Tudor history with the DigVentures team. You‘ll get to search for archaeological clues, all while hanging out with kids their own age. It‘s more grown up than DigCamp, but still just as much fun.


How To Tell The Story of a Village, with Fellfoot Forward

Shourt Course / via Zoom / 27 Oct - 15 Dec 2021

Every village has its own story to tell. But how do you go about uncovering it? In this short practical course, you'll learn how to research historic villages, and use your skills to tell the story of Croglin, Cumwhitton, and Heyton in the North Pennines AONB and Eden Valley regions of Cumbria. You'll end up with a 'Village Atlas' that can be used to share and present the history you've uncovered, online or in person.


Virtual Tour at Sudeley Castle

via Zoom / 28 October 2021 / 3pm British Time

Join our archaeologists online for a virtual tour of Sudeley Castle where we'll be investigating the remains of a Tudor banqueting house. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the dig, see what we've discovered, and watch live as the team unearths exciting new archaeological discoveries.


Halloween Special: Tudor Ghost Stories with DigVentures

via Zoom / 30 October 2021

Ready to get your spook on? Join the DigVentures team for a late night Halloween special. Featuring the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Parr, Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleeves, Catherine Howard, and Jane Seymour, this is going to be an evening filled with spooky, historically-based, candlelit ghost stories.


Archaeology Book Club! 01 – Kindred, with Rebecca Wragg Sykes

via Zoom / 18 November 2021

We love archaeology. We love books. And we love people who love reading archaeology books! Join us for a fun and friendly online book club with Rebecca Wragg Sykes, author of 'Kindred' - the definitive guide to Neanderthals.


How To Do Archaeology

Online Course / Start anytime

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of doing archaeology? If you can't get out into the field, this 6 week course will teach you everything from how archaeologists decide where to dig, to what happens to all the finds. It's like attending an archaeology fieldschool, but it's online!

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How To Do Photogrammetry

Online Course / Start anytime

Learn how to make your own 3D virtual artefacts, monuments and trenches using photogrammetry - a simple, but powerful technique that converts photos into digital 3D models. By the end of this course, you'll know how to turn your photos into 3D models and share them online!

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How To Do Archaeology – For Kids!

Online Course / Start anytime

Calling all Junior Archaeologists! Love history? Want to be an archaeologist one day? This online course is aimed at kids and teenagers who are fascinated by how we uncover the past. Learn about some of the most extraordinary discoveries ever made, how archaeologists decide where to dig, how to dig your own Test Pit, and get top tips on becoming an archaeologist from our team.

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Archaeology Book Club! 02 – River Kings, with Cat Jarman

via Zoom / 27 January 2022

We love archaeology. We love books. And we love people who love reading archaeology books! Join us for a fun and friendly online book club with Cat Jarman, author of 'River Kings: A New History of Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads'!


How To Excavate Human Remains

Online Course / Coming in 2022

Human remains are a sensitive topic in archaeology. So what happens when archaeologists unearth a burial? This short course will take you through the ethics and practicalities of excavating human remains in the UK, introduce you to how scientists study them, and what happens next once our studies are complete.


Soulton Hall 2022

Crowdfunded dig / Shropshire, UK / Dates coming soon...

Join us for week-long field school where you'll learn essential archaeological skills, while helping to investigate the remains of a 'tiny castle' recently discovered in the grounds of Soulton Hall.


Romans of East Yorkshire 2022

Crowdfunded dig / East Yorkshire / Dates coming soon...

Explore the early days of Roman Britain, and unearth new evidence from one of the oldest Roman settlements north of the Humber. Spanning the first four centuries AD, this site includes, homes, buildings, mosaics and plenty of pottery. Help us continue investigating the Roman pioneers, as well the lives of those who lived here before, during and after their arrival.

Your options: Dig Team, Finds Team, Watch online


Lindisfarne 2022

Crowdfunded dig / Northumberland / Dates coming soon...

Join us for Season 7 of our flagship excavation in partnership with Durham University. Spanning the years AD 700 - 1100, the site includes part of a cemetery, early medieval buildings, and plenty more that's still waiting to be uncovered. Learn world-class archaeological field skills while digging alongside our team as we search for evidence of life on Lindisfarne before, during, and after the Viking raids.

Your options: Dig Team, Finds Team, Watch Online

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