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Dig the Tudors at Sudeley Castle Gloucestershire, 21st May - 2nd June 2019

Got a thing for the Tudors? Love fine architecture, rich clothes and powerful queens? A recent geophysical survey has revealed the ghostly outline of a long-lost Tudor garden - one of the last remaining in England. And right in the middle of it, a Tudor banqueting venue!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help archaeologists unearth this rare Tudor garden, and investigate the scene of an EPIC three-day party that was famously attended by Elizabeth I.

Join us!
DigCamp at Sudeley Castle Gloucestershire, 25th, 26th and 29th May 2019

Archaeology is not just for adults! Join us for a full day of archaeology and fun as we investigate a Tudor mystery at Sudeley Castle.

Suitable for families with children aged 6-11.

Explore With Archaeologists: Old Ruins & Ancient Monuments Lancashire, 7th - 9th June 2019

Join archaeologists on an excursion into the hills around Whitworth to explore three distinctive, but little-known ruins.


Dig the Romans in Brightwater Durham, 17th June - 5th July 2019

Somewhere in the grounds of Hardwick Park, there's an entire Roman town waiting to be unearthed. But it's unlike any other Roman town in the region, and we want to know why.

Love puzzles? Always wanted to try archaeology? Join us we try to figure out who built it, and why.

FREE. Booking is essential.

Dirty Weekend at Soulton Hall Shropshire, 22nd - 23rd June 2019

The Shropshire border between England and Wales is filled with impressive Norman castles, Roman towns and enigmatic standing stones. This Dirty Weekend is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help us investigate one of five mysterious ancient landmarks in the magnificent grounds of Soulton Hall.

NOTE: There are only 15 places available on this fabulous weekend.

Dig the Romans in East Yorkshire Driffield, 20th - 25th August 2019

Two thousand years ago, the Romans marched north and established a centre at York. But while archaeologists have found many later Roman settlements from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, only a handful of sites inhabited by the earliest Roman settlers in the region have ever been found… until now.

We're heading back to East Yorkshire to continue investigating around one of the earliest Roman settlements ever discovered in the region, and this year, we'll be opening up a new area where loads of mosaic tiles were found.

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DigCamp in East Yorkshire Driffield, 24th August 2019

Archaeology is not just for adults! Join us for a full day of archaeology and fun as we investigate a Tudor mystery at Sudeley Castle.

Suitable for families with children aged 6-11.

Lindisfarne 2019 Northumberland, 3rd - 15th September 2019

Our flagship, crowdfunded excavation will return in 2019 to continue the search for traces of the long-lost Anglo-Saxon monastery. Founded by King Oswald, and famously raided by the Vikings in AD 793, it's one of the most iconic sites in England. Now, we're digging into the detail and heading ever further back in time to find out more about the earliest days of life on Lindisfarne.

Join the excavation team, enter the Finds Room, or sit back and watch online...

Join us!
DigCamp at Lindisfarne Northumberland,

Archaeology is not just for adults! Join us for a full day of archaeology and fun as we investigate an Anglo-Saxon mystery on Lindisfarne.

Suitable for families with children aged 6-11.

Dig the Gatehouse at Pontefract Castle Yorkshire, 14th October - 3rd November 2019

Pontefract Castle was a famous stronghold in the English Civil War, and known as the 'Key to the North'. DigVentures will be leading an excavation to unearth its long-lost gatehouse, and reveal a previously unknown chapter in its history.


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