Site Diary

Updates from our excavations

Radiocarbon dates from Coldingham confirm we’re hot on the heels of Princess Aebbe!

New ‘pop-up’ exhibition showcases rare Anglo-Saxon sculpture from North East England

A collection of rare Anglo-Saxon stone sculptures, which are unique to the North East of England, are going on display for the very first time. Etched in Stone: Anglo-Saxons in the North East is…

This map shows something intriguing about East Yorkshire’s earliest Roman settlement

It's perfectly placed to be a Roman 'mansio'.

Site Diary: End Of Dig Pints 🍻

Site Diary: Structures And Storms

Site Diary: Heather’s Anglo-Saxon Burial Update

Site Diary: Fantastic Finds Of Lindisfarne

Site Diary: Post Holes And Pirouettes

Nearly halfway through the dig at Lindisfarne, David finally reveals his secret archaeological skill...

Site Diary: Lindisfarne’s Anglo-Saxon Sculpture

It's Day 3 of the dig and the team have just peeled back the tarps to reveal the archaeology underneath.

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Site Diary: The Archaeologists Are Back On Lindisfarne!

DigVentures and Durham Uni are back on Lindisfarne to continue investigating the original Anglo-Saxon monastery.

Is This One Of The Earliest Roman Settlements Ever Found In Yorkshire?

Our crowdfunded excavation has revealed baby burials, buildings, mosaics and pottery.

Site Diary: It’s The End Of Our Dig In Cornwall!

The team have found all sorts of interesting things inside the roundhouses - here are the highlights.

Site Diary: Mim’s Decorated Iron Age Pottery

Iron Age people obviously had an eye for geometric patterns, as Mim's discovery proves.

Site Diary: Lawrence’s Lovely Pot

It's Lawrence's first day ever on an excavation, and he's just found an entire pot! Beginner's luck, right?

Site Diary: Euan’s Iron Age Honing Stone

The team have been excavating inside the western roundhouse, and Euan's perseverance finally pays off...

Site Diary: Margaret’s Ancient Doorway

Update from the western roundhouse! Margaret has unearthed the most PERFECT stone-lined post-hole. Could it be for a doorway?

Site Diary: Iron Age or Bronze Age?

The team is busy digging a Bronze Age village in Cornwall, but is it actually Bronze Age? Time to investigate...

Site Diary: A Bronze Age Village In Cornwall

The team are in Cornwall to investigate a village of ancient roundhouses. But how ancient? We've got two weeks to find out!

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