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Since DV launched in 2012, we've met thousands of people from around the world who love archaeology...

You guys are the gas in our tank, the peas in our pod, the peanut butter to our jelly. We'd be nothing without you! Together, we're creating loads of great archaeology that everyone can be part of, learn from, share, and enjoy. Come join us!

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Community-powered archaeology

We adore archaeology. We love being outdoors on fieldwork, unearthing ancient clues that can unlock new knowledge about the past. We also love spending weeks in the lab, staring into a microscope. It's fascinating, it's thrilling, and it's the closest we'll ever get to going back in time. And what we love most is... how much you love it too!

We truly believe that the past is not just for an academic elite; it's for all of us to discover, learn from, contribute to, and enjoy. We want to break down the barriers that keep experts up in their ivory towers, and create archaeology that we can all enjoy - online or in the field. That's why we run digs that you can be part of, teach online courses you can study at home, and publish all of the discoveries made by our community in our open access database for everyone to see. Our work is generously supported by archaeology-lovers all over the world, and it's thanks to our community that we can keep on pushing the boundaries for public involvement in archaeology - for everyone!

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Enjoy great archaeology online, at home, and on demand. And help us keep creating more of it!

Anytime access to online courses
Priority Booking for ONLINE events
Bonus online content and subscriber-only invites
Help us make new courses, docuseries, and special online events!


Jump straight to the front of the queue for places on our digs, and help us develop exciting new fieldwork projects!

Anytime access to online courses
Priority Booking for online events AND FIELDWORK (inc. digs and Finds Room)
Bonus online content and subscriber-only invites
Help us make new courses, docuseries, and special online events
Help us develop new archaeological digs and fieldwork for everyone to enjoy!


Ideal for those looking for more - get the star treatment on site, and help us push the boundaries of public engagement in archaeology.

Anytime access to online courses
Priority booking for online events AND FIELDWORK (inc. digs and Finds Room)
Bonus online content and subscriber-only invites
Help us make new courses, docuseries, and special online events
Help us develop new archaeological digs and fieldwork for everyone to enjoy
One Buddy Pass or one Bonus day on site per season
More flexible booking and personalised training as you progress!


Got children aged 6-16? Want to do *real* archaeology as a family? Enjoy a fun day out, learn more online, and help us inspire the next generation of archaeologists!

Anytime access to online courses
Priority Booking for online events and FAMILY EXPERIENCES (inc. DigCamp and DigClub)
Bonus online content and subscriber-only invites
Help us create new experiences and resources to inspire the next generation of archaeologists!
One Buddy Pass per season to bring an extra adult or child to DigCamp or DigClub

Pay it Forward

If you like what we do and just want to give us a one-off tip, you can 'Pay It Forward'. Your contribution will help us keep going and do even more!

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What Our Subscribers Say

I wanted to support DigVentures because I believe in what you are doing and am glad to be a small part of publicly-supported archaeology. I can’t join you on site due to distance, but you are very well set up to accommodate ‘virtual’ visitors and I will enjoy seeing your results!
Christy Garrett - DigVentures
Christy G
Thank you all for engaging in the future of archaeology by allowing us to fund and participate from such a distance. We may not have the opportunity of an academic education, or the chance to travel to and participate in a dig, but you have found a way for us to feel included and well informed. Thank you.
sky trowel
Lynne T
I credit the decision my daughter made to apply to uni to follow her archaeology dream to DigVentures. Had she not found DV, and done your online course, and had the opportunity to book a dig, she may not have had the courage to do that. So thank you for existing.
Melissa B

Subscriber Perks

We've created a stack of great perks, designed especially for people who want to support our work and be even more involved in the future of archaeology.

Anytime access to online courses

Get unlimited, anytime access to all of our existing online courses, as well as any new courses that we release throughout the year. You can start whenever you like, revise whenever you like, and get help from our team... whenever you like!

Priority booking for online events

Our online talks, events and workshops are lively, interactive, fun... and they get booked up very quickly! As a Subscriber, you'll always have an opportunity to book your place on our most popular online events in advance of open registration.

Priority booking for fieldwork!

This is a biggie: places on our digs and in our Finds Room go like hotcakes! You'll be the first to hear about our upcoming digs and events, and will always have an opportunity to book your place on our fieldwork projects in advance of open registration.

i Valid for Field and DVIP subscribers only

Priority booking for family experiences

Places on DigCamp (ages 6-12) and DigClub (ages 12-16) go faster than a packet of cookies! You'll always be the first to hear about upcoming family experiences (online, and in the field) and have an opportunity to book your place in advance of open registration.

i Valid for Field, DVIP, and Family subscribers only

Bonus Day

Extend your dig time with a bonus day on site for your chosen fieldwork project of the season! Use it to turn one day into two, two into three, or... swap it for a Buddy Pass to bring a friend for the day instead. Can also be used for the Finds Room.

i Valid for DVIP subscribers only

Buddy Pass

Archaeology is even more fun when you bring a friend! If you're a Family or DVIP Subscriber, you can use your Buddy Pass to share the archaeology love and bring an extra lucky friend with you for the day.

i Valid for Family and DVIP subscribers only

Premium online content

DV was born digital, and we've always made sure there's plenty for you guys to watch online. But now we're kicking it up a notch! You support is helping us to create a new docuseries each season, as well as loads of exciting new online events. As a Subscriber, you'll have a front row seat to previews for our biggest new releases, and access to our archive!

i There's family-friendly content too

Subscriber-only events and invites

From invites to our legendary archaeology parties, Virtual Museum exhibition launches, and opportunities to work alongside our team on special artefacts and ecofacts in the Finds Lab at DigVentures HQ, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff going on all year round that you’ll be able to take part in.

Shape the future

Our community is what drives us forward, and what motivates us to keep making change in the field of archaeology. We’ll be asking for your opinion on big changes, new ideas and even testing material before it goes public – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help us shape the future of DV!

Pay it Forward

Your support also helps us to continue making our practical training, online resources and hands-on experiences accessible to all. Since DV’s very first day we have ensured at 10% of the places on our projects are free for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Unlock SuperVenturer powers!

SPECIAL: for our SuperVenturers! Once you’ve gained enough experience of our training and methods, we’ll unlock DigPass and FindsPass that enable you to block-book six days at once, but spread them out over different sites throughout the year. Great for those who love variety!

i Valid for DVIP subscribers only

Visit us on site!

Anyone who joins DV as a subscriber is welcome to come and see the team in action – wherever in the world we have landed. Come and see the archaeology, meet our famous Site Dogs, and cheer on Team DV in the trenches. The more the merrier!

Subscription FAQs

Why should I join DigVentures?


DigVentures is not like other archaeology organisations. We do archaeology that is for everyone. Whether it’s digs that you can join, investigations that can only happen with your support, or exciting new ways to enjoy our discoveries online, we work our tooshies off all year round to put amazing archaeology ‘in your hands’.

Maybe you love archaeology and want to learn more, but don’t feel comfortable in an academic environment. Maybe you always dreamed of being an archaeologist, but life got in the way. Maybe you love seeing youngsters getting hands-on with history. We’re here for you!

We invite you into our trenches to dig with our team, into our Finds Rooms to work with artefacts, into our online courses to learn new skills and techniques, and to join in with the many other events that happen across all of our projects.

Because archaeology doesn’t stop when we close our trenches at the end of Field Season. DV Subscriptions is our way of supporting the great archaeology we do, all year round. Most importantly, it’s about putting you right where you belong: in the pickle jar! Right in the middle of the action.

In fact, that’s one of the most important things about becoming a Subscriber: you can be part of our work from anywhere in the world.

DV was born digital, which means that we’ve been sharing our discoveries online since the very first day of our very first dig. We’ve learned SO MUCH about what you guys like to watch, what you don’t like, what you’d like more of, and the kinds of things we can offer to scratch your archaeological itch.

So as well as creating new opportunities to be involved with us in person, we’ll also be using our Subscriptions to create more archaeology that you can enjoy at home (for kids too!)

If you want any or all of the above to happen, then that’s why you should subscribe to DigVentures and help us put archaeology ‘in your hands’.

PS. You can find out more about us by reading Our Story.

What happens after I subscribe?

Rainbows and unicorns spontaneously appear, glitter rains down from the ceiling, and you will hear the Indiana Jones theme song blasting out of every speaker in your house! It’s a neat trick we figured out how to do.

KIDDDINNGGGGGG, that won’t really happen (but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?)

We will send you an email with all the information you will need to know about what your Subscription includes, how to access all of DV’s activities, and all of the links and places where you can find us online.

We will leave no stone unturned in making sure you know how to get the most out of your subscription … and if we DO leave a stone unturned, we probably did it on purpose so that you could find whatever is underneath it!

How will I find out about opportunities to dig, join the Finds Room, try new courses, etc all of the things?

See above. Rainbows. Unicorns. Glitter. And information … lots and lots of information.

You will also begin to receive our newsletter, which is where we make all of our announcements, and Subscribers will receive special notifications in advance of everyone else.

You can also always call us on +44 0333 011 3990, or email

Or you can find us on twitter, facebook and Instagram, smoke signals, hot air balloons, and those little airplanes that have banners behind them. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

Can I give money or support DV without becoming a Subscriber?

Waaheyyyyyy, yes you can, and here’s how.

If you only want to make a one-off contribution, you have two choices:

  1. You can throw us a financial contribution in our Pay It Forward Tip Jar. We’ll use this to do more lab analysis, create new online content, or make a place for someone who can’t otherwise afford it.
  2. You can support one of our crowdfunding campaigns if you’re interested in one excavation in particular.
Do you require proof of student status?

We will not need proof of your student status in order for you to subscribe as a student, however we will require proof of enrollment in order for you to use the 20% off Student Discount for booking digs and places in the Finds Room.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Please don’t leave us! Stick around, kid, I’m sure we’ll find something to amaze, enthrall, amuse, mystify and capture your heart.

If we don’t manage it and you still need to break up, just call us, send an email  (the address is in your Welcome To DV information) with your Subscriber info and we’ll take care of it.  We’ll be sad though…


Subscription purchases are final and non-refundable through the end of the paid term.

For example, if you buy a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time, however the month is not refundable. Monthly Subscribers can cancel at any time. Yearly subscriptions are paid in advance, but automatic renewal can be cancelled, allowing your Subscription to expire when the year ends. Both levels of subscription will continue until the end of the paid term.

**If you are paying by Direct Debit, you will also need to cancel your Direct Debit mandate with your bank.

What are my payment options?

You can pay using your debit or credit card via PayPal, or checkout as a guest. Simple!


Need some extra help? – Contact us and get in touch.