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LIVE / Jane Pit Excavation

LIVE FROM THE LAB / Investigating Bronze Age Artefacts From Lancashire

It’s not every day that you get to peek into an archaeologist’s lab and watch as they examine a pair of very delicate Bronze Age artefacts, but today you can… What happens to artefacts…

Why Do These Little Cups Keep Showing Up In Britain’s Bronze Age Burials?

 Accessory cups, incense cups, funerary cups, chafing cups, pygmy cups… archaeologists call these enigmatic little pots all sorts of things. Found in Bronze Age burials all over Britain, the truth is we still…

Mick and Tony credit: Steve Shearn

10+ Reasons Why I’m Supporting DigNation

DigNation is oh-so-nearly funded and people from all over the world have been emailing us to say why they’re supporting it. Some of the reasons are so moving, we just HAD to share. Last…

Mick and Tony credit: Steve Shearn

Help Us Crowdfund An Archaeology Festival In Honour Of Mick Aston

DigVentures patron Sir Tony Robinson announces DigNation – a new festival in honour of his friend, Time Team co-host and hugely popular archaeologist Mick Aston. Mick Aston, who died in June 2013, was a…

Live / Discoveries From A Bronze Age Burial Mound In North West England

We’re Opening A Pop-Up Museum In Lancaster!

This September, we’re opening a Pop-Up Museum to display the ‘most spectacular collection of Bronze Age artefacts ever discovered in North West England’. At the same time, we’ll be carrying out a crowdfunded investigation…

Live / Exploring A Deserted Medieval Village At Elmswell

Lancaster Hoard

‘Jaw-Dropping’ Lancaster Hoard To Make Its First Public Appearance This September

The Lancaster Hoard is one of North West England’s most spectacular Bronze Age discoveries. Recently unearthed by two metal detectorists, these jaw-dropping artefacts will go on display this September, while while archaeologists carry out…

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Live / Searching For The Anglo-Saxons On Lindisfarne

Live / Latest Updates From Oldbury Camp

SITE DIARY: How Strong Is Anglo-Saxon Concrete?

The Venturers have uncovered part of a building on Lindisfarne, made of what we’re dubbing ‘Anglo-Saxon concrete’. It’s pretty tough stuff, so could it be the remains of another church? Roman concrete recently hit…

Live / Digging The Biggest Shaker Settlement In America

Site Diary: Welcome To Mount Lebanon Shaker Village

It’s Day One at Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. Here’s what the team are looking forward to. The first day of any dig has a special kind of energy. It’s the first time you get…

DigVentures Lindisfarne

Addicted To Archaeology: We Made A Documentary, And Here’s Why

‘We’re not just glorified garbage-men standing in the way of development…’ I can’t even remember saying those words, but clearly I did – because I’ve just watched myself saying them, during a rather impassioned…

FROM THE LAB: These Bones May Be The First Clues To Lindisfarne’s Anglo-Saxon Cemetery

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Anglo-Saxon namestone that we found during our first season of excavation at Lindisfarne. What we haven’t mentioned yet are the scattered human bones we found nearby. Who…

From The Lab: Can Archaeologists Do DNA Analysis On Cremated Bones To Tell Where They Came From?

It’s time to start getting forensic on the cremated human bones from Morecambe Bay and figure out where they came from. But is DNA analysis possible, and if not, what else is? Over the…

From The Lab: The Curious Case Of The Burnt Stone

Careful examination of the stone tool found inside the Morecambe burial urn raises a surprising question about the body it was buried with. We’ve heard a lot about the rare Bronze Age burial urn…

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