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Fascinated by archaeology? DigVentures runs excavations that anyone can be part of. From Roman ruins and medieval castles, to Bronze Age monuments and industrial heritage, you can choose to dig alongside our team, help out in the Finds Room, take an online course, or become a Subscriber for even more ways to enjoy archaeology with our team.

Europe’s most prestigious cultural heritage award goes to… DigVentures!

New series Why We Dig is ‘archaeology for the Netflix generation’

Martin Carver event recording

Deeper Than The Dig, with Martin Carver

Watch the recording of this blockbuster online talk.

Speakers Corner for archaeology? Major new line-up will hold the space for challenging conversations

Are we willing to let history tell the truth? DVIP Speakers Corner will put the question in perspective.

LIVE / Rolling coverage from Bishop Middleham as we unearth a medieval palace

Pontefract Castle Virtual Tour

Come and take a look inside the medieval drawbridge pit at Pontefract Castle! Our aim is excavate all the way to the bottom.

Explore the mysterious moated mound at Soulton Hall

Join Maiya and Tim as we explore a huge, moated mound at Soulton Hall in Shropshire. Can you help us solve the mystery?

Julian Richards vs. Tony Robinson on the future of TV archaeology | DigNation ’18

Julian charts the fascinating history of TV archaeology - followed by a lively debate about its future on our screens

Chris Gerrard on Lost Lives, New Worlds | DigNation ’18

Chris tells the sad, but wonderful story of the Scottish Soldiers of Palace Green

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Time Team’s Helen Geake on Archaeology vs. Metal Detecting | DigNation ’18

Helen traces the fascinating history of the developing relationship between archaeologists and detectorists

Time Team’s Stewart Ainsworth on How To See Time in the Landscape | DigNation ’18

Can archaeologist see time depth, just by looking? Stewart shows us how... with lasers!

Time Team’s Francis Pryor on The Fens in the Bronze Age | DigNation ’18

Francis reveals the truly impressive extent of Bronze Age society

Time Team’s John Gater on Geofizz, of course! | DigNation ’18

John shares the hidden joys of probing below ground in search of the past

Chris Casswell on archaeology at Lindisfarne… in 3D! | DigNation ’18

Chris reveals what we now know about the Anglo-Saxon monastery raided by Vikings in AD 793

Tony Robinson hosts Archaeologist’s Question Time | DigNation ’18

Tony hosts a very special Time Team panel discussion

Time Team’s Carenza Lewis on the Black Death (in your garden) | DigNation ’18

Carenza shares some surprising new discoveries about the Black Death, and its impact on Britain

Teresa Hall on Winscombe Village Survey | DigNation ’18

Teresa explores life in a medieval parish

Chris Gerrard on ancient rural settlements and Shapwick | DigNation ’18

Chris shares some of the remarkable discoveries (and memories) from Shapwick.

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