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Why The Archaeological Conservancy Wants You To Help Protect America’s National Treasures

Help Protect Our Irreplaceable National Treasures! from The Archaeological Conservancy. When an extraordinary Hohokam village site was lost to developers, America’s Archaeological Conservancy group decided that was the last straw – it’s time to…

Notes from the Unemployable

(If you’re reading this because you want to see the DV Learning Agreement for fieldschools I tweeted about yesterday, here it is) This post is a bit long – but I’ve been quiet for…

Janina Ramirez: ‘This Film Is A Must See’

The Monk, the Midden and the Missing Monastery is how archaeology needs to be filmed and recorded. Made by people who are passionate about showing the true workings of an important archaeological dig, it…

Mary-Ann Ochota: ‘If You’ve Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Dig, Then Watch This Film’

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to get involved with an archaeological dig, then watch this film. Get excited. Then get involved. This isn’t an Indiana Jones style epic, or even…

Joe Flatman: ‘Two Thumbs Up For DigVentures’ First Archaeology Documentary!’

DigVentures’ first archaeological documentary is an elegy to the seductive pleasures of archaeological fieldwork that so many archaeology TV shows somehow miss. I’ve known the team at DigVentures for a few years now, and…

Were Bronze Age Burial Practices All That Different?

As archaeologists, we use the term ‘Bronze age burial’ to describe a range of burial practices that date from the Bronze Age. But what does that actually mean? Why are archaeologists so fascinated by…

The Government’s New Planning Bill Is A Threat To Archaeology (And House Building)

Over the last few days, there has been a storm of social media activity surrounding the Government’s new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill, and the perceived threat it poses to any ancient remains unlucky…

Farewell to Land Rover – the Archaeologist’s Favourite Tool

From the rain forests of the Amazon to the sand dunes of the Sahara, Land Rover’s Defender is synonymous with archaeological adventure. After 70 years in production, it’s time to say goodbye to the…

Archaeology: Patience Not Required

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The Archaeology of Star Wars

The Archaeology of Star Wars

Why Archaeology is the Best Cultural Experience You Can Have

This week, we headed to Google HQ where we learned something surprising. But this is a story that deserves to be told from the very beginning… In the beginning, there wasn’t very much stuff…

Why the Fens Aren’t Flat and Boring

If you think this place looks flat and boring, well, you’re very much mistaken. It’s full of archaeology and is the perfect place to dispose of a body, but only if you choose the…

Archaeology and the English Language

Sloppy writing leads to sloppy thinking. And that’s why every archaeologist needs to read George Orwell’s timeless essay ‘Politics and the English Language’. About three weeks ago I was walking across Soho Square, thinking…

Why Iron Age Burial Practices Are Making a Comeback

A recent article in The Telegraph claimed that ‘pagan’ Britons are reverting to Iron Age burial customs, which got us thinking – are the motives and beliefs behind modern burial practices really all that…

Why Archaeologists Make Good Murderers

Alan Cadbury is a (fictional) archaeologist who is about to dig up a very modern murder. Francis Pryor is a (non-fictional) archaeologist who has just written his second archaeological murder mystery. Here, he explains…

Shovel picnics, or educational rescue archaeology?

An American landowner is selling off plots of land with ‘guaranteed archaeology’ to people who want to come and dig them up. Is this really a good thing for public archaeology? In the United…

Behind the Headlines: ‘Sex-crazed’ nuns of Littlemore Priory

This salacious headline is not just sexist, but the reporting that goes with it covers up a story that’s actually way more interesting “Gah!” That was how I first articulated my enraged reaction to…

Why we shouldn’t write off conflict-damaged sites

Taking a closer look at conflict-damaged sites has had unexpected results for archaeology. The damage to ancient sites caused by conflict, looting and terrorism has been a recurring headline this year and there are…

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