The Monk, the Midden and the Missing Monastery is how archaeology needs to be filmed and recorded.

Made by people who are passionate about showing the true workings of an important archaeological dig, it shows the full process in a way I’ve not seen before.

The discoveries and finds are such a delight, as you can see the effort that has gone into each one by the army of people involved. For lovers of history, archaeology and the elusive stories of the Anglo-Saxons, this is a must see.

The Monk, The Midden And The Missing Monastery will premiere on Facebook and YouTube at 8pm on Tuesday 23rd May.

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Janina Ramirez

Janina Ramirez

Janina Ramirez is an (enthusiastic!) cultural historian, broadcaster, podcaster and author based at the University of Oxford. She specialises (enthusiastically) in Anglo-Saxons and early Christianity. Wait, did we mention, she's enthusiastic?

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