Groundbreaking discoveries

Ghost gardens and air raid shelters: the archaeology of a heat wave

Britain has been basking in glorious sunshine for weeks and as a result, something extraordinary has been happening on ground level.

Archaeologists Find That One Of The World’s Earliest Villages Had A ‘Community Hall’

A new study demonstrates that even the world’s earliest agricultural settlements had the Neolithic equivalent of a village hall. The advent of agriculture took place in the Near East over 10,000 years, and sparked…

Mick Aston’s Advice To Would-Be Archaeologists

Archaeologists Find 4,000 Year Old Intact Urn In Cornwall

Archaeologists excavating a  Bronze Age burial mound in Cornwall have made a ‘miracle’ discovery. Sometimes the most exciting thing about an archaeological discovery is the very simple fact that, against all odds, it has…

Pompeii’s Unluckiest Man Crushed By Boulder As He Fled Eruption

Archaeologists have started excavating a new area at Pompeii and the first major discovery is probably one of the unluckiest yet. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 is probably the most famous…

Archaeologists Ask For Help To Find Lindisfarne’s Lost “Sister Monastery” In Scotland

 A team of archaeologists and history-lovers will begin searching for the ancient monastery established by King Oswald’s sister near Coldingham. Somewhere near the village of Coldingham in Berwickshire lie the remains of an…

Researchers Say There Is No Secret Chamber In Tutankhamun’s Tomb After All

New radar scans have ended speculation about the possible existence of a secret chamber behind King Tut’s tomb. Scientists from the University of Turin have brought an end to years of excited speculation about…

Workington Residents Invited To Join Archaeology Dig At Local Landmark Jane Pit

Residents of Workington are being invited to take part in an archaeological excavation at local landmark Jane Pit, to help unearth more about the town’s past while also contributing to its future. Originally built…

DigVentures Heads To East Yorkshire To Investigate Roman And Iron Age Remains

Archaeology team set to investigate nationally-important site in east Yorkshire A team of archaeologists from DigVentures and the Portable Antiquities Scheme will start work at Elmswell Farms, near Driffield, this August to investigate nationally…

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DigVentures Teams Up To Launch America's First Archaeological Fieldwork Programme Supporting Veterans Transition To Civilian Life - With Help From National Geographic

New Archaeology Dig In America Will Help Veterans Transition Into Civilian Life – With Support From Nat Geo!

DigVentures is teaming up with American Veterans Archaeological Recovery and National Geographic to launch a new archaeological fieldwork programme in America that supports veterans transitioning back into civilian life.  Together, we’ll be excavating the…

Vikings Repton Female Warriors Mass Grave

Radiocarbon Dating Confirms Skeletons Found In Vicarage Garden Are Probably Viking

New radiocarbon dating suggests that the 264 skeletons found in a Derbyshire vicarage garden during excavations in the 1970s were probably part of the Viking Great Army after all. Although the remains were initially…

Analysis Of Cheddar Man’s DNA Reveals First Britons Were Black

Scientists at the Natural History Museum have analysed DNA from Cheddar Man, who lived 10,000 years ago, and found that he had blue eyes, dark skin and dark curly hair. In 1903, the almost…

Archaeologists Say They’ve Found One Of The World’s Oldest Crayons

Get your colouring books out! Archaeologists say they may have discovered one of the earliest examples of a ‘crayon’ – possibly used by people 10,000 years ago for applying colour to animal skins or…

Giant Easter Island ‘Hats’ Were Decorated With Rock Art

The famous Easter Island statues once wore big stone ‘hats’ called pukoa. Now, archaeologists have used 3D modelling to reveal that they were once covered with rock art. Pretty much anyone will recognise the…

Winter Solstice At Newgrange Will Be Broadcast Live Online For All To See

A shaft of light will enter the 5,000 year old tomb at sunrise and illuminate it spectacularly. Don’t miss your chance to see it… Just make sure you pray for clear skies! Newgrange (Sí…

Archaeologists Are Intrigued By These 5,000 Year Old Small Carved Stones

Why did Stone Age people carve images of the sun, fields, and spider webs onto small, flat stones? Danish archaeologists have found over 300 small carved stones, covered with motifs made by Neolithic people…

Burnt Twigs From 15,000 Years Ago Show How Hunter-Gatherers Started To Settle

Archaeologists excavating in Jordan have got some incredibly accurate new dates that challenge old ideas about where and when hunter-gatherers started to settle. Around 15,000 years ago, the Natufian culture appeared in the Levant,…

Bronze Age People Used Iron That Fell Out Of The Sky

Yes, Bronze Age people did make objects out of iron, but they didn’t make the iron themselves: instead, they got it from rocks they saw falling from the sky. Despite the name, Bronze Age…

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