This stuff’s not funny, it’s pre-hysterical

The Archaeology of Beer

It’s a five-pint problem

8 Steps To Recreating the Joy of Fieldwork at Home

We miss the peculiar thrill of being outdoors and getting wet, muddy and exhausted on a real excavation.

1,700 year old egg releases ‘potent stench’ on archaeological dig

Here's why you should never put all your eggs in one basket

4 Things You Lose When You Start Dating An Archaeologist (And 4 Things You Gain)

The definitive guide to dating an archaeologist. You're welcome.

Probably The Funniest Epitaph We’ve Seen

🙂 — Irish Archaeology (@irarchaeology) March 26, 2018 Or a barrow, or a chambered tomb… H/T Irish Archaeology

If Ancient Civilisations Were Jocks, Nerds, Preps And Goths

If ancient civilisations were categorised as jock, prep nerd or goth, this is what you’d get. Seems legit. Ancient Athenians would be preppy nerds, Ancient Egyptians would be nerdy goths, and Spartans would be…

Finally, A Solution To The Stonehenge Tunnel Problem

I’ve solved the #Stonehenge Tunnel problem — Gabe Moshenska (@GabeMoshenska) January 15, 2018 The Stonehenge Tunnel has been aggravating archaeologists for years. Now, it seems like the perfect Sharknado-themed solution has arrived.

10 Christmas Cracker Jokes No Serious Archaeologist Will Ever Laugh At…

Today Is Also St Gertrude’s Day – Patron Saint of Cats

Cat-lovers, rejoice! While many of us will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day, today is also St Gertrude’s Day, known to many as the patron saint of cats. Much of what we know about Saint…

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We Tracked Down Donaeld The Unready And Asked Him What He Really Thinks

We’ve all read his infamous tweets. In our unending quest for the post-truth, DigVentures has used our archaeological nous to track down King Donaeld the Unready and secure an exclusive interview to find out…

Dirty Weekends: Why An Archaeology Dig Is Actually The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Hands up if your perfect romantic getaway is actually THIS. Imagine. You head off for a Dirty Weekend, but it’s not your average Dirty Weekend. Instead of roses and chocolates and overcrowded restaurants, you…

This Twitter Parody Of Trump As An Early Medieval King Is Brilliant

Sick of Trump in your timeline and want a break? Sorry, someone’s started a Twitter parody of him as an early medieval king called Donaeld The Unready and it’s too good not to share….

4 Things You Lose When You Start Dating An Archaeologist

So you’ve fallen for a rugged, outdoorsy archaeology-loving type, well done you! Cue a life filled with adventure, travel and… mud all over the house. Yes, dating an archaeologist is a many-splendoured thing. Sure,…

7 Lies Archaeologists Can Tell Just to Mess With Your Head

If you meet an archaeologist, here’s a warning: don’t believe everything they say. The problem, you see, is that people trust archaeologists. They tend to go all wide-eyed and assume that being an archaeologist…

Archaeology Conference Buzzword Bingo!

We’re well into December and for most people, that only means one thing: Christmas. But we’re not most people, we’re archaeologists, and for archaeologists the one thing December means is… CONFERENCE. Yes, very soon,…

What your interest in archaeology says about your politics

Can YouGov’s profiler guess which way you swing at the elections based on your archaeological interests? So here we are. Looks like someone broke the swingometer. The polls didn’t predict it. Even Nate Silver (statistician…

How to impress an archaeologist with LEGO

Ok, to put things in context, let’s start with something simple. When I make LEGO, it looks a bit like this: But fine, other people make better LEGO pyramids with stuff inside, like this:…

Fifty Shades of Mid Brown Silty Grey

Can’t make it out this weekend to catch THAT film? Then it’s our great self-pleasure to lend a helping hand. Introducing the first installment in our filthy munsell-based trilogy… Fifty Shades of Mid-Brown Silty…

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