How to impress an archaeologist with LEGO

LEGO 17 archaeology

Ok, to put things in context, let’s start with something simple. When I make LEGO, it looks a bit like this:

Pyramid simple LEGO

But fine, other people make better LEGO pyramids with stuff inside, like this:

Pyramid section LEGO

Of course, on the internet, it’s not long before you find someone taking LEGO pyramids to a whole other level.

Pyramid big LEGO

This crumbling LEGO Acropolis is pretty awesome too.

Acropolis LEGO

As for this LEGO Danebury Iron Age Hillfort? Roundhouses made from square bricks… Bravo!

Danebury Archaeology LEGO

This LEGO Colosseum, split into ancient and modern halves, is actually epic.

Colosseum LEGO 2

There are ruins on the left (complete with tourists and tour-guide)

Colosseum LEGO 4

And ancient Romans being entertained on the right.

Colosseum LEGO 5

What about this Great Wall of China?

Great Wall of China Warren Elsemore LEGO

Of course, there’s always Stonehenge.

Stonehenge LEGO

And Stonehenge again.

Stonehenge Warren Elsemore LEGO

Yup. Stonehenge is pretty popular…

Stonhenge Alien LEGO

But sometimes, it’s the simpler things that win us over, like this Anglo-Saxon homestead.

Anglo Saxon LEGO

Or these LEGO archaeologists uncovering a Roman burial.

Roman burial LEGO

Or this wee horse burial. Isn’t it just delightful?

Excavation horse LEGO

Having said that, this LEGO excavation at Gobekli Tepe is just the coolest.

Gobekli Tepe LEGO

If you look closely enough, there’s even a megalith still waiting to be found just below the surface.

Gobekli Tepe LEGO 3

But the thing that blew our tiny LEGO minds were these repairs to a centuries-old wall in Bocchigagno, Italy.

Wall Repair LEGO

Even better than that, it turns out that from Tel Aviv…

Tel Aviv Dispatches LEGO

… to Venice…

Venice Dispatches LEGO

…people are using LEGO to repair old buildings all around the world. And to anyone who loves archaeology, you probably can’t get much more LEGOtastic than that.

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