What your interest in archaeology says about your politics

Can YouGov’s profiler guess which way you swing at the elections based on your archaeological interests?

So here we are. Looks like someone broke the swingometer. The polls didn’t predict it. Even Nate Silver (statistician extraordinaire who correctly predicted the result in every US state at the last election) didn’t predict it. His conclusion? Unlike in the US, it’s really, really hard to predict the way someone will vote based on their demographic data.

What next for political proxies? Heck, in this situation your favourite Time Team character might as well do. Jokes aside, there’s actually an app for that. It’s called YouGov profiler. So we plugged in some stuff about our varying interests in archaeology to create a brand new archaeology-based psephological indicator. Here’s what it spat out based on some key archaeological preferences… Just how accurate is it? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

If you just plain old like archaeology…

YouGov archaeology

You lean slightly to the right, but that’s mainly because you’re trying to accidentally overhear what your neighbour is saying. Oh, and according to YouGov profiler, you’re also a cantankerous daydreamer who prefers cats to dogs and regularly shops at the Co-Op.

If you like Time Team

YouGov Time Team

This subset swings the other way. Oh, and you’re an ethical, but untidy introvert whose favourite food is pigs in blankets. You’re also more likely to own a bird than a dog or a cat. Fact.

If you like Tony Robinson

YouGov Tony Robinson

You’re a nerdy individualist whose favourite food is blackforest gateau and top Twitter follow is @UKuncut. Nuff said.

If you prefer Phil Harding

YouGov Phil Harding

Woah there Philifandom! You may be slighter redder than #TeamTony, but you’re also a grouchy, depressed introvert whose favourite food is boiled mutton with caper sauce and has probably watched Bullitt at least 6 times (you, that is, not the boiled mutton).

If you have a side interest in anthropology

YouGov Anthropology

What can we say? The archaeologometer tells us you’re proper into lentil casseroles (while we’re at it, here’s a recipe) and are an ethical, but neurotic procrastinator. You probably follow @CarolineLucas and get most of your news from Upworthy.

If you prefer the Classics

YouGov Classics

You’re an arrogant misanthrope who likes venison pie and spends your time writing and collecting things. Bully for you.

If you bring a cheese and onion sandwich to site…

YouGov cheese sandwich

You’re compassionate, affable and you like animal charities. Cute.

But if you’re one of those who packs a toffee apple in your lunchbox…

YouGov Toffee Apples

You’re a selfish worrier who thinks the world is controlled by a secretive elite.

So there. Your interest in archaeology basically says bugger all about your politics, which in our opinion probably makes it as good a proxy as any.


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Written by Maiya Pina-Dacier

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