Sick of Trump in your timeline and want a break? Sorry, someone’s started a Twitter parody of him as an early medieval king called Donaeld The Unready and it’s too good not to share.

The bio has him down as “The best early medieval King out there. I’m just great. I’m the bretwalda. The bestwalda. I’ve got great swords, everyone says so. Make Mercia Great Again” and the tweets are alt-history gold. Calling the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle a ‘rag’, dismissing Bede as ‘Grandad’, Donaeld The Unready rants at Canute the ‘loser’ and is soon yelling about draining the Fens. Here’s a few of our faves in no particular order:

To be fair, King Canute comes back with some pretty good retorts:

But back to Donaeld:

Also, one last thing:

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