12 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas For Very Merry Archaeology Lovers

Starting to wonder what to get the archaeology-lover in your life? Worried about how you’re going to satisfy their underground tastes this Christmas?

Well wonder no more because DigVentures has opened a shop and it’s BURSTING with the kinds of gift we archaeologists would actually love. Each one is designed by the DigVentures team, and each one contributes to real archaeological research. Edible artefacts? Check. Fabulous jewellery? Check. An experience you’ll never forget? Check. Whether you want something active and adventurous, or a boxset-replacement-service to snuggle up and watch the telly to, we’ve got the perfect present for anyone inspired by the past. Santa, are you listening?

1. The Slogan T-Shirt

It’s Ritual T-Shirt (£50) Every archaeology-lover needs a t-shirt that screams ‘I LOVE ARCHAEOLOGY’. A DigVentures t-shirt does that AND supports great archaeology – the proceeds go straight into making a real archaeological excavation actually happen, including fieldwork, analysis and making sure all the results are available online for free. Perfect. Currently available in white on heather green. Order by 14th December for Christmas delivery.

2. The Little Piece Of Geek-Chic

DigVentures x Tatty Devine Helmet Pendant (£25) Archaeologists don’t just wear woolly jumpers y’know, some of us are actually pretty stylish. DigVentures teamed up with Tatty Devine to create a set of uber fashionable artefact-inspired accessories. Hipsters might be into retro, but really, no-one’s going to beat an archaeology-lover at their own game. Order by 14th December for Christmas delivery.

3. The Super Fashionista

DigVentures x Tatty Devine Hoard Necklace (£125) Can’t choose which pendant you like best? Then get the whole hoard! This collection blends impeccable style with iconic artefacts in a fashionable expression of passion for all things archaeological. Each charm represents a key moment in time, and we hope it will be a wearable reminder of our shared history. Order by 14th December for Christmas delivery.

4. The Bingewatch Telly Monster

DigNation Virtual Ticket (£25) Tony Robinson has announced a brand new festival in honour of the hugely popular archaeologist Mick Aston. There’ll be talks from famous archaeologists, a live excavation and, with the support of festival media partner Dan Snow and History Hit, we’ll be live streaming the lot. If you’re more of an armchair archaeologist and a sofa sleuth, a Virtual Ticket is all you need to sit back, and enjoy all the happenings from the cosy comfort of your own home. The perfect excuse for a weekend of bingewatching archaeology.

5. The Fun-Lover

DigNation Fringe Ticket (£35) Get up off that sofa and join the fray! DigNation – the crowdfunded festival in honour of Mick Aston – is happening 22nd – 23rd Septembe 2018 on the island of Lindisfarne. A Fringe ticket gets you into The Lab, where all the fun festival fringe events will take place. You’ll get an invite to hang out at the festival after party. You can even bring your junior archaeologists aged 12 under for free.

6. The Full-On Festival Goer

DigNation Weekend Ticket (£150) Yes, that IS a picture of Francis Pryor on a massive Stonehenge-shaped bouncy castle. And yes, he will be one of the headline speakers at DigNation! If you find the idea of seeing all your favourite archaeologists talking passionately about their subject in the flesh, you should take a look at the ever so impressive line-up here. A Weekend Ticket gets you into lecture hall, as well as the fringe and the after party…

7. The Experience-Seeker

Dig Experience Gift Certificate (£165+) So the archaeology-lover in your life has been banging on about how much they’d love to try archaeology? Sounds like it’s time to chuck them in at the deep end (of the trench) and see how they get on. Pick a day, two days, a week or two weeks and spend it on any DigVentures excavation in 2018. This is a fully immersive, action-packed experience and you’ll be trained by some of the best professional archaeologists around. This isn’t just about releasing your inner Indiana, it’s about coming back like a young Kathleen Kenyon.

8. The Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Artefact (£75) This chocolate artefact is cast from an Anglo-Saxon namestone, or grave marker, found during our first crowdfunded archaeological excavation on Lindisfarne in 2016. Known around DVHQ as the NomNomNom Stone, this whacking great slab of chocolate is sure to delight any archaeology-lover with a sweet tooth. Order by 14th December for Christmas delivery.

9. The Flint Knapper

DigVentures x Tatty Devine Arrowhead Pendant (£25) Another playful charm from the DigVentures jewellery collection. The one is inspired by prehistoric examples in the UK, including artefacts found on some of DigVentures’ very own digs, and represents the process of innovation and evolution of technology. Ideal for the archaeology lover who likes to get with the times, past AND present! Order by 14th December for Christmas delivery.

10. The ‘Dirty Weekend’ Away Together

Dirty Weekend Gift Certificate (£520) Dirty Weekends are two days of action-packed archaeology, led by experts on some of the UK’s most exciting sites. Each one starts with an archaeological. You’ll then have two whole days to excavate alongside professional archaeologists, and find out as much as you can about events that transpired hundreds or thousands of years ago.

11. The Science Buff

Finds Lab (£125+) You might dig archaeology, but you don’t have to dig to do archaeology! Come and spend a fascinating day in our warm and cosy Finds Lab, helping us to clean, sort and identify all the artefacts that come out of the ground. Just pick which project you want to join us on, and we’ll provide the tea, and all the expertise you can handle!

12. The Junior Archaeologist

DigCamp (£90) Archaeology isn’t just for adults! DigCamps are a full day of archaeology and fun for parents and children to enjoy together on a real, live, in-progress archaeology dig. You’ll get to learn about archaeology together, dig alongside professionals, and use some of the latest gadgets and coolest tech in archaeology – all while having a great day out at one of the UK’s most exciting archaeological sites.

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Written by Maiya Pina-Dacier

Head of Community at DigVentures, Maiya digs with a trowel in one hand, and a Twitter feed in the other. She reports on all our discoveries live from the trenches, and keeps our Site Hut full of the latest archaeology news. Got a story? Just drop her a line...

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