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DigVentures Archaeology T-Shirt – Lucky Dip!

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T-Shirt - It's Ritual

DigVentures’ archaeology team t-shirts are famous for making a statement.

Wear it up a mountain. Wear it to the shops. Wear it in your living room. Wear it on a dig (one day). Wear it in. Wear it out. Wear it with heels. Wear it with mud-covered boots. Wear it with whatever you want, but wherever you wear it, wear it with PRIDE!

Yes, wearing a DigVentures t-shirt signals that you are a true archaeology-lover. A geek. An adventurer. Someone who learns from the past so that they can understand the present. Most of all, you’re someone who supports great archaeological research and helps others find out what people were REALLY doing hundreds or thousands of years ago.

But which slogan will it be – We Don’t Dig Mondays, Pardon My Trench, Eat Sleep Dig Repeat, or It’s Ritual?

Each one is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face – and maybe even make you giggle…

Right now, we can only fulfill orders on a ‘Lucky Dip’ basis due to limited supplies and staff availability. You can choose your size, but the slogan you get will be a delightful surprise.

And if you receive one in a colour that’s not pictured, then count yourselves EXTRA lucky because that means we sent you one of our new season t-shirts!

Get one – and support great archaeology!

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DigVentures Archaeology T-Shirt – Lucky Dip!



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