Back in Britain

Welcome to this week’s #WWWednesday!

This week, we are sharing our most recent #WWI obsession the ‘Back in Britain’ tumblr site run by DCMS. Part of the Government’s prgramme to mark the First World War centenary, Back in Britain uses snapshots of memories, people and events to shine a light on the legacy of the First World War and highlight how it changed the way people lived then and live now.

What is the connection between Sherlock Holmes and the Great War? what did WWI do for the humble wristwatch? What is ‘articificial moonlight’? You’ll find the answers to these questions, as well as plenty of further reading and background information on the Back in Britain site. The blogs are inventive and creative, eminently readable, and a great source of off-the-beaten-path facts and perspectives on the Great War.

We’re hooked! Hope you enjoy it too.

See you next week for #WWWednesday. Got a story? Let us know!

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