This week’s digital Venturer knows a thing or two about digging – and not just down the allotment either…

“My name is Eleanor Johnson, I have had a live long love of history inspired by my dear old dad and have always loved finding out about the past, particularly through archaeology. When I spotted the article about you all in May’s Current Archeology and read about the Flag Fen Lives Project and the plan to crowd source the funding I knew I had to get involved. I am looking forward to following your news and being a tiny part of the dig. Gardening is my other passion and I live in the village of Lanchester, Co Durham, the site of the  Roman fort and vicus of Longovicium. My house is a stone’s throw from the unexcavated fort and Dere Street, which runs alongside the hedge line  of our allotments. One day, when I am digging my garden or allotment I know I will find a Roman artefact, it’s just a matter of time!!!!”

Good look with the search Eleanor (and remember to give us a call when you strike it lucky!). Looking forward to *meeting* you in the Site Hut!

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