Wherever you go, you can be sure that someone else was there hundreds or thousands of years before you. There are incredible ancient places hiding all around us. Let’s go find them!

The gorgeous, windswept coastline of St David’s peninsula in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is lined by the Pembrokshire Coastal Path, which draws in rugged, windswept walkers for plenty of reasons; dramatic natural beauty, sheer cliffs, and pristine coves hugged by white sand beaches.

For history-lovers, however, all this scenery is the breathtaking backdrop to something even more profound; a string of 12 ancient coastal forts which line these dramatic cliffs. Marked by huge earthen banks, and rings of unnatural-looking defences, their construction dates back to prehistoric times.

Among the most impressive is Caerfai Camp, known as Penpleidiau in Welsh. Beyond the stunning views, its sheer size, and enduring air of mystery, there’s something else quite striking about this site: it’s at risk of falling into the sea.