12 Great Gift Ideas for Archaeology Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Need to choose a gift for your archaeology-obsessed friend? Want to show a fellow digger how much you care? We’ve got you covered with some truly epic gift ideas that will delight archaeology enthusiasts of all ages.

1. Something festive

Source: National Museums Scotland

Lewis Chessmen Decorations (£9.99) Know someone with a passion for anything Viking who also happens to regularly create the perfect Christmas tree? Need something small for a stocking filler? We love this little embroidered decoration, modelled after the Lewis Chessman Berserker. Who knew they could be so cute! It’s a nice touch for that last-minute Christmas decorating.

2. Something crafty

Source: LittleConkers // Etsy

Crochet Amphora Pattern (£4) A great novelty gift for those creative souls has to be this cute little crochet pattern from LittleConkers. If you loved hearing about our recent dig at East Park, or you’re just a big fan of the Romans, then get this on your list for Santa. With info on how to crochet three different kinds of Greek and Roman amphorae this really would be a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Something epic

Source: LEGO

Colosseum LEGO set (£449) A massive part of archaeology is deconstructing the past, but what if you could literally construct it too? No, we don’t mean you should go out and build a henge in your local park (although a snow henge would be pretty cool), but you could bring one of the wonders of the world into your own living room with this epic Colosseum LEGO set. Now, this is the way to make someone’s Christmas extra special. You’d definitely make some of us LEGO fans here at DigVentures very jealous if you built this magnificent reproduction…

4. Something to read

The Dig, by John Preston (£8.99)From Indiana Jones to Lara Croft, achaeology goes hand and hand with some pretty dramatic storytelling. But something a bit closer to reality is the upcoming Netflix title, The Dig. Based on John Preston’s 2007 book of the same name, this star-filled film recreates the iconic Sutton Hoo dig. Want to help an archaeology lover get ahead of the game while we wait for its release? A copy of the book would make a perfect Christmas treat. Even if you don’t check out the film, it’s a charming story of one of Britain’s most famous archaeological excavations – what’s not to love? Or check out our archaeology booklist for more recommendations!

5. Something to wear

DigVentures Archaeology Team T-shirts (£18) If you want to not only get a gift that supports great archaeology and helps you look good doing it, a DigVentures t-shirt is a must have. Not only is it a great way to broadcast a love of archaeology to the world, but every single penny goes straight into conducting research: from fieldwork, to analysis, to sharing it all with you here. Plus, there’s so many awesome colours and slogans on offer!

6. Something to look forward to

Dig Experience Gift Certificate (£185+) Know somebody who dreams of trying out archaeology? Well, we’ve got plenty to go around. Secure someone a spot on one of our excavations in 2021 with a gift certificate. Be it a day, two days, even two weeks, they’ll get to be part of a fully immersive, action-packed experience with training from some of the best professional archaeologists around. Nothing is better than uncovering genuine archaeology while surrounded by like-minded people.

7. Something for students

DigVentures Digital Subscription (£5 per month or £55 per year) Want to learn more about archaeology? Our Digital Subscriptions give you anytime access to all of our online archaeology courses, including ultimate guide to fieldwork – How To Do Archaeology. Ontop of that, you get Priority Booking to all of our online events, and live updates from mour digs across Britain.

8. Something shiny

DigVentures x Tatty Devine Archaeology Necklaces (£25+) Whether you love Bronze Age torcs, prehistoric flints, or Anglo-Saxon helmets, we teamed up with Tatty Devine to create an adorable collection of archaeological charms. It’s the perfect gift for fashion-forward history and archaeology fans!

9. Something for the kids

DigVentures Family Subscription (£5 per month or £55 per year) Want to go even further? Help us welcome someone new into the DigVentures family as a subscriber so they can get even closer to the work we do. With a stack of amazing perks, like priority booking on digs and access to exclusive events, it’s the place to be to cultivate your love for anything archaeological. We couldn’t do it without you guys, and this way we can continue to make loads of great research happen TOGETHER!

10. Something to help you relax

Source: TrenchGirlCrafts // Etsy

Stratigraphy candle (£9) Ever found yourself at a candlelit dinner and thought “if only this had a touch more archaeology?”. Well, maybe not, but who doesn’t love a nice candle for Christmas? We’ve picked out not just one, but two lovely wax creations to add a bit of archaeological flare to your décor. Want to feel like you’re back in the field despite the winter frost? Check out this Stratigraphy Candle by TrenchGirlCrafts: not only does it look pretty, but it’s a great way to touch up on those field skills.

11. Something arty

Source: flaroh // Redbubble

Archaeology Posters (£14) Looking for something a bit longer lasting? Help your pals upgrade their walls with these trendy prints from flaroh. High quality and archaeology appropriate, these would brighten anybody’s Christmas. Check out their awesome Ancient Pottery Series, that showcases some nice examples of iconic vessels from some of history’s most famous civilisations. Pottery not your thing? Don’t worry, they have loads more to choose from: take your pick, from Roman Emperors to iconic ancient landmarks!

12. Something so silly it hurts

Poetry for Neanderthals (£13) Yes, yes, we know the old grunting Neanderthal stereotype is way off the mark, and that any serious archaeology-lover will no doubt grunt angrily that Neanderthals were Actually Very Smart. But if you let your serious side go, this game looks like fun for all the family!

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Georgina Cole

Written by Georgina Cole

Ginny is a Community Archaeologist with DigVentures and recent Durham University graduate. She has a passion for speaking to the public and she especially loves British archaeology and forensics. In keeping with archaeological tradition, when she isn’t in the trenches you can often find her grabbing a pint at the local pub!

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