Fascinated by archaeology? Love watching Time Team? You’re in for a treat! Starting on Sunday 12 January 2020, DigVentures is re-releasing videos of all the Time Team talks from DigNation ’18.

DigNation is the festival for history and archaeology lovers. First launched in 2018 by DigVentures and Tony Robinson, with support from hundreds of Time Team fans around the world, the inaugural event was held in honour of Time Team’s most beloved archaeologist Mick Aston.

The result is a brilliant series of talks, filled with archaeology, humour and warm Time Team memories, all of which will now be available to watch every Sunday on YouTube, and on the DigVentures website.

Speakers included Tony Robinson, Carenza Lewis, Francis Pryor, Helen Geak, Phil Harding, Stewart Ainsworth, John Gater, Teresa Hall and many more of Mick’s closest friends and colleagues, who all shared their latest archaeological discoveries, as well as their favourite stories from their 20 years together on Time Team.

But it wasn’t just a one-off event. Tickets for the next DigNation festival are now on sale, and it promises to be another jam-packed weekend of talks by renowned archaeologists and historians, fun-filled Fringe events, and hands-on archaeological excavation.

How to watch the talks from DigNation ’18

Starting on Sunday 12 January at 18:30 GMT, DigVentures is re-releasing all the DigNation ’18 talks to watch online for free. A new talk will be released every Sunday, which means you’ll have new videos to watch for the next 3 months. And there’s two easy ways to watch them:

1. On YouTube

Go to our YouTube channel and hit Subscribe. Then, find the DigNation ’18 playlist press ‘set reminder’ on each of the talks you don’t want to miss. YouTube will send you a reminder as soon the new video is available to watch. Easy!

2. On our website

Go to digventures.com/watch-live and bookmark the page. Then, come back every Sunday to watch the latest talk. Simple!

How to get tickets for DigNation ’20

DigNation is back, and this year it’s going totally Tudor! Taking place at Sudeley Castle on 13 – 14 June 2020, you’ll get to hear about hot-off-the-press research from your favourite historians, and help archaeologists to unearth real discoveries while you’re there.

Day tickets, Weekend tickets, and Virtual tickets for DigNation ’20 are now on sale! You can get them here – but hurry, there’s less than 100 weekend tickets left!

Get tickets for DigNation 2020

DigNation is the world’s first archaeology festival where YOU get to make discoveries while you’re there. Taking place in the beautiful grounds of Sudeley Castle on 13-14 June, this year’s festival is going totally Tudor! Get tickets for a weekend packed with talks from your favourite historians, fun-filled Fringe events, and *LIVE* archaeological discoveries!

Get tickets

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