What could be better for digging in than a pair of super-comfy of leggings? Why, super-comfy leggings that make your legs look like a lean, mean, medieval fighting machine!

So here’s a tip: leggings are great for digging in. They’re warm, stretchy and quick to dry. And now, thanks to these designs by Lorica Clothing, they’re totally perfect for showing off your inner history geek.

Created by Elena Hutchinson, each design is based on a real suit of armour from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Arms and Armour collection.

Even better, she has clearly given as much attention to historical detail as she has to comfort, fit and environmental sustainability – each pair is made from 20 recycled plastic water bottles.

C’mon, they’re making us want to go questing already! But how to get hold of a pair? The bad news is they were available through Elena’s crowdfunding campaign which has now closed. The good news is, the crowdfunding campaign was successful and she’ll soon be opening an online shop… just in time for dig season we hope!

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