In Pictures: Poulton Dirty Weekend 2016

This past weekend we returned to Poulton for another incredible Dirty Weekend.

We started off in the Pub for a very important meeting…

roomreserved (1)

The next morning, the site was as muddy as we remembered…


But the archaeology more than made up for the weather…


This year there were three Venturers named Chris:

This Chris thinks he might like to be an archaeologist…


This Chris was very excited to find some Iron Age salt container…


And this Chris found some slag that was the first evidence of metal working in Roundhouse 2.



The DigCamp kids helped to excavate some roundhouse drip gullies.


At tea break, Kevin brought out one of his star finds – a worked antler toggle.


We saw this Roman pot inscribed with a name (Luculla or Lucullus) in the on-site museum.


And this one with the name of factory that produced it.


Rosie found the matching half of a column excavated two years ago.


She also had a great time excavating bones with her mom.


Pamela and Uly loved their first excavation experience.


And Fergus kept watch over us all.


The weekend started in clouds and mud but it ended with sunshine and a bunch of happy Venturers!



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Anna van Nostrand

Written by Anna van Nostrand

One of DigVentures’ intrepid Community Archaeologists, Anna is all about spreading the good word of Archaeology. A big kid herself, her main focus is the getting young venturers involved.

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