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What happens when it’s time to down tools? Well, we like to pick them up again, albeit for entirely different purposes…

Yes, digging is plenty of fun, but what happens after hours? When you’re out in the field it’s up to you and your trenchmates to make your own entertainment.

The average archaeologist’s toolkit is packed with tools for digging, carrying, measuring and recording. Luckily, it turns out that there’s two sides to every tool! As these archaeologists prove, with a little imagination, you don’t have to put them down at the end of the day. Here’s how to use your tools for work, rest AND play!

1. First things first – a trowel makes a great bottle-opener

Beer trowel

2. Now, if you fancy a game, just grab your ranging pole and use it as a snooker cue

Hugh snooker

3. And you only have to flip your leveling staff 90 degrees to realise it can double up as limbo stick


4. Even the most intrepid archaeologist can enjoy wearing a bubble as a pendant (that’ll keep you level-headed at the end of site party!)


5. Need a soundsystem? A bucket makes a great makeshift boombox


6. Which means there’s no excuse not to rock out and use your spade as an air guitar


7. Don’t forget to capture all the fun you’re having with a selfie-stick (I mean, hoe)

selfie stick

8. Need a little silver service? Use an iPad (or your context register) to serve up some tea and bacon butties…

Xosé bacon

9. For a rainy-day activity, turn a trench into a game of hook-a-duck


10. And finally, remember to take a break. After all, wheelbarrows do make GREAT armchairs

wheelbarrow Tiva



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