The DVIPs are coming!

Who are the DVIPs, you ask? Well, they’re DV’s Important People, of course!

Every year we arrange an evening lecture series as part of our top-notch field school tuition. It’s lovely: feet up after a hard day’s work, dinner slowly digesting, and a frosty beverage in hand to listen to some of the UK’s top archaeologists talk about their favourite projects.

This year we’re totally stoked to be able to offer the DVIP lecture series FREE to the public as part of our HLF-funded Digital Dig Team project (thanks, HLF!). This year we have a FANTASTIC programme and we are thrilled to announce the dates.

The more the merrier! Come one, come all! Roll on up – our doors are open!

So, here’s the deal: lectures start 7:45pm sharp, and will be held in the Guesten Hall at Leiston Abbey. You don’t need to book, and there is no fee to attend – we just ask that you respect the speakers, and be on time!

There’s plenty of information about how to get to Leiston Abbey and other questions about the project on our website. See you at Leiston Abbey!

8th July Gary Grieve, Sheffield University: New research on the Premonstratensian abbey sites of Britain

9th July Dr Will Fletcher, Inspector for Ancient Monuments (Bed, Norfolk and Suffolk), English Heritage: The new EH and Suffolk – a look forward

10th July Robin Standring, Reserves Archaeology Officer, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: Researching and conserving the original Leiston Abbey site at RSPB Minsmere

11th July Graeme Young, Project Director, Bamburgh Research Project: The Archaeology of early Medieval Bamburgh

12th July Matthew Champion, Project Director, Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey: Medieval Graffiti – the hidden history

15th July Hannah Potter, Community Archaeologist, 8th in the East: The Archaeology Airfields: The 8th American Air Force in WWII and what they left behind

16th July Dr David Petts, Durham University: Binchester’s remarkable Roman bathhouse

17th July Paul Blinkhorn, Pottery Specialist, Time Team and Pub Dig: Carry On Trowelling: The History of Archaeology on TV and Film

18th July Adam Stanford, Aerial-cam Ltd., : Easter Island: An Archaeology Safari – four seasons of field work with the Rapa Nui Landscapes of Construction Project.

 19th July   End of Site Party – be there or be square!

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