DDT holds our raw scientific data, and is hooked into social media and online publication channels in real time. Our people make our projects – and this in enshrined in DDT alongside the data. There’s also built-in search features, and protection for sensitive information. Each one of our digs has its own bespoke DDT, and every record has a unique URL.

See How It Works: Explore Digital Dig Team In Action

Lindisfarne DigVentures


View the blow-by-blow action and incredible finds from our search for the heart of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria

Barrowed Time

From hoards to cremation urns, see the discoveries from our mysterious Bronze Age burial mound

Elmswell Farm

The Romans had a huge impact on Yorkshire, and our site near Driffield is turning up inredible new evidence


We're doing archaeology across County Durham to help restore, reveal and celebrate life around the River Skerne