PayitForwardIn 2012, DigVentures started the Pay it Forward scholarship programme based on a challenge from one of our Venturers, Matt Law.

We were incredibly pleased to be able to bring five people to site at Flag Fen, due to the generosity of members of the public who sponsored scholarships. We did it again last year at Leiston Abbey, and we’re so pelased to announce that we have just received our first sponsorship for a Pay it Forward scholarship for 2014!

So here’s how it works: we have a Dig for a Day experience to give away, as per Matt’s original wishes: “Would it be at all possible for you to identify somebody who might benefit from the prize? The prize is a really good opportunity, especially for somebody in the local community or somebody looking to get some experience in archaeology.”

Do you know someone who would love to come digging with us, and who would benefit from the experience? Please write to us with nominations and tell us (in 150 words or less) who should receive this gift, and why. A few details will be useful about the nominee, but mostly we want to know what it will mean to them to spend a day excavating at Leiston Abbey.  We’ll make our decision on 30th May, and announce the winner in time to celebrate the end of the Saints & Secrets crowdfunding campaign.

DV’s Pay it Forward winner 2013: Kerrie Hoffman

Many thanks to the fantastic individuals who want to make it possible for other people to join the DigVentures team, and the Matt Law, for Paying it Forward first!

Would you like to sponsor a Pay it Forward scholarship, so that DigVentures can bring someone to site for once-in-a-lifetime archaeological experience? Get in touch: or click here. We’d love to hear from you!

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