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Peter tells how he landed his dream job and why he is supporting DigVentures

‘Having begun my heritage career with the National Trust, I’ve spent the last few years as a county curatorial manager, looking after social and archaeological collections.  When we were let go, I became a freelance heritage consultant.

In my prior work I also wrote and delivered the education programme, managed four sites from a medieval house to a Victorian gaol and organised exhibitions and events as well as working on the collections management.  Having always been interested in history and archaeology, it is a dream career.  In the last year I’ve been on a couple of digs in North Wales, and I’m looking forward going on more.

I’m supporting DigVentures because the crowdfunding approach allows people to engage with history, heritage and archaeology. It is great that members of the public who are not associated with a university or museum archaeology programme, but who have enthusiasm, can get involved in this way. People power!’

Thanks Peter, it is great to have your support!

Join Peter and the rest of the team at Leiston Abbey this summer by clicking here.

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