Manon Vraets feature imageManon Vraets

Manon, one of our digital diggers, tells us why she is supporting us from the Netherlands

‘Greetings from the Netherlands! My name is Manon Vraets, I’m 24 years old and live in Ede.

Why did I want to join DigVentures? Well, I love archaeology! I haven’t yet found a project in Holland to join and I know DigVentuers is a good project. I really enjoy the articles and blogs from DigVentures and  I can see that they are posted with a reason. I also think that supporting DigVentures is a good way to let people see how crowdfunding is a good way forward for projects like these, especially because people all over the world can get in touch with the project and still feel like they are actually there.

Although I’m not digging myself this year, I do hope next year I will be involved in one dig. For now, I wish you all a good time (before, during and after the dig!) and maybe I will see you next year.’

Thanks Manon, it is great to have support from the Netherlands and we hope to meet you in person next year.

Join Manon in supporting the project at Leiston Abbey this summer by clicking here.

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