Kevin Nunn

Leiston lad Kevin tells us why he wants to contribute to his local heritage

“I have been a fan of time team, almost from program one. I heard about you after seeing a blog by Raksha on facebook. I have always been interested in history: national and particularly local. I live in Halesworth which is only fifteen or twenty minutes from Leiston and I visited the abbey for the first time last year (you never visit the places on your own doorstep). I doubt I will be able to dig but because of my interest in history, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me, and contributing some money to yourselves seemed a good way to do that. I hope the dig goes well and I am looking forward to hearing wonderful things. I am also looking forward to the after dig party (you couldn’t smuggle Phil, Tony and Mick in I suppose, Oh Well).”

Thanks Kevin! And you just never know who might turn up to the party…

Join the team at Leiston Abbey this Summer by clicking here

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