John DuncanJohn Duncan

There’s a doctor in the house! John tells us why he can’t wait to swap the lab for a trench

“Hello, my name is Dr John Duncan, I have recently turned 30 and am a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Warwick, working in the field of eukaryotic translation.

I heard about DigVentures last year when my wife informed me about the dig that was taking place in Flag Fen and that I should look into going. I have always enjoyed history and have been an avid Time Team watcher since I was a child. Due to work commitments I was not able to attend last years dig, but having recently turned 30, I decided to book the time off and am really looking forward to doing some digging – I have already bought a trowel!

In my spare time I run a small motorcycle workshop so I will be interested in anything mechanical/utilitarian that gets uncovered.

I want to support the project because this country has a vibrant history, and I would love to be a part of clarifying some more of it.”

Thanks John, you’ve already got the trowel – that’s the most important bit!

Join John and the rest of the team this summer by clicking here.

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