The Archaeologist’s Cookbook

The history of food, ancient recipes and what we used to eat before we had all the mod-cons

Recipe: How to Make an Explosive 17th Century Pineapple Pie

Bonfire night is full of surprises, like this 17th century pineapple pie! I love bonfire night. There’s nothing better than watching fireworks, stood around a bonfire whilst listening to the bangs, gasps, ooohs and…

Recipe: How to Make Your Very Own Ancient Greek Cheesecake

This summer, we enjoyed one of the world’s oldest ice creams. Today, we’re digging in to the origins of cake. And yes, we can confirm, the Ancient Greeks invented cheesecake! Here’s how to make…

Recipe: How To Make Your Own Ancient Ice Cream WITHOUT Using A Freezer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the world’s oldest ice cream! Today, ice cream leaves behind all sorts of sticky evidence for future archaeologists to find: wrappers, tubs, ice cream vans, industrial…

Recipe: Philosopher’s Stew with Lentils, Honey and Pepper

Russia has borscht, France has bouillabaisse, America has Campbell’s and… the Ancient Greeks had Philosopher’s Stew. Whatever your choice, there’s no denying just how tasty and satisfying soup is to sup. In fact, it’s…

The Astonishing History of Fish & Chips

Fish & chips is now a quintessentially British meal, but where does it really come from? Simple, tasty, and with a crunch that oozes thick, sweet oil, this week we’re tucking into the culinary…

DV Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate

Recipe: Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate

The history of chocolate is as rich and dark as its taste. Sweet, dark, rich or white, chocolate is a wonderfully tasty confectionery that has several modern traditions built around it (speaking of which,…

Make your own mead

Recipe: How To Make Your Own Medieval Mead

Raise your horns, goblets and mazers to this week’s recipe… Mead! This golden nectar has a wonderful sweet, smooth taste and an usually high percentage that can induce merriness pretty quickly. Made by fermenting…

Recipe: Bringing Home the Bacon

Crackling, sizzling, succulent bacon. A delicacy that’s so delicious there’s bacon ice cream, bacon deodorant and even a bacon festival! But where did our love affair with bacon start, and just how recently did…

Recipe: Bake Your Own Medieval Beer & Barley Bread

Mmm. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread. It’s so lovely that supermarkets are well known to pump the scent through their stores to entice us in. But when did baking begin?…

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