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Have you always wanted to try archaeology? Do you know someone who does? Or are you just looking for something a little bit different to give someone you love? Now’s your chance to give the gift of archaeology!

Please note: dig places book up really quickly, so it’s worth checking our Dig Calendar to see which dates are still available before buying a Gift Certificate. We announce our new season of digs in early December.

Grab one of our Gift Certificates and turn someone you love into an archaeologist for a day, a weekend, a week or even two whole weeks.

Will you join the hunt for Anglo-Saxons on Lindisfarne? Investigate an abandoned medieval village in Yorkshire? Explore a Shaker settlement in America? Or help us find the home of Princess Aebbe in Scotland?

You’ll face different archaeological challenges depending on which site you choose (and there are plenty to choose from). Take a look at our Dig Calendar to see what options are available.

Our Gift Certificates are valid towards any DigVentures excavation within one year from purchase, so you can buy now, and make that near-impossible decision later! Plus, get a 20% discount when you book for two!

My 'Dirty Weekend' was a gift that was found for me. I loved all of it! The digging, the chatting, the people, the pub, and the discoveries!

Chris C.

Additional information

I'd like to buy this as a gift, but ther person I'm giving it to has never done archaeology. Is that OK?

LUCKY PERSON! Of course it is – our dig experiences are designed so that everyone can learn and enjoy themselves, including newbies. Never fear – our archaeologists are on the ball and everyone is welcome.

Where (and when) can I dig with DigVentures?

Take a look at our Dig Calendar to see what’s coming up. Our excavation season usually runs from May to October, with sites across the UK and Europe. You can start your dig experience on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, but bear in mind that we don’t dig Mondays, because even archaeologists need a day off!

How do I redeem the Gift Certificate?

When the lucky recipient is ready to choose their dig experience, they will need to send an email to including:

  • Name, email, mobile number and t-shirt size
  • Which site they want to come to
  • Which day they want to start their dig experience
  • Name of the person who bought the Gift Certificate

We’ll then confirm the dig by email, and send the information about where to meet us, what to bring, and how to make the most of the dig experience.

What if I have a disability?

We strive to do our best to ensure everyone has a chance to experience archaeology, and have worked with many differently-abled participants on our sites. We are very happy to discuss special accommodations on a case-by-case basis and do whatever we can to ensure a safe and exciting experience for everyone. Please notify us before booking of any disabilities so that we can discuss options for participation.

Is travel and accommodation included?

Please note that our dig experiences do not include travel to the site, and usually require people to arrange their own food and accommodation. However, circumstances do vary on a site-by-site basis so do check details on the individual project pages.

Please also note that costs for individual digs are variable, particularly outside the UK. In some cases a Gift Certificate may need to be topped-up to cover the full dig experience. In this case, the balance can easily be paid by arrangement. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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Gift Certificates



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