Double your money!


What’s better than a double stuff Oreo cookie? ‘Nothing!!!’ we hear you all shout. But wait, trust us, there IS something better…

We are bursting with amazement and happiness to share the news that a matchfunder has stepped forward to help us finish off the Leiston Abbey 2015 campaign!

What does this mean? For every contribution made to our project between now and midday on Saturday, our funder will match it – which means your support will now count twice as much towards our goal.

It’s nice to see a situation that makes hard-earned dosh actually worth more, rather than less! Got a tenner burning a hole in your pocket? Turn it into £20 for archaeology! Or get your hands on one of our amazing perks like t-shirts, 3D printed artefacts, or a day one site in the trenches!

Nearly there guys!

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Written by DigVentures

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