DigVentures on the Telly!

DV on the telly

DigVentures is on Twitter. DigVentures is on Facebook. DigVentures is on YouTube. And now, DigVentures is on the TELLY!

And the best thing about it is that you can be on it too!

Ok, so it’s not actually the first time DigVentures has been on TV. Last year, Ben Garrod from the One Show came to film Brendon talking about the infamous Big Dog we found at Leiston Abbey. Nevermind that it turned out to be an old farm dog that had been buried and not a 16th century hell hound, it was still brilliant to be talking about archaeology on prime time TV.

Fancy being the next Tony Robinson?

Time Team Your Face Goes Here

This year, we’re going to be filming in the trenches for a brand new series of Digging For Britain. But the thing is, we can’t do it without you… in more ways than one.

Yes, we need people to support the dig and join the field team, but we also need those very same people to present their discoveries to the camera.

Fancy being the next Raksha Dave? Want to try Phil Harding’s hat on for size? Reckon you can ask more questions than Tony Robinson?

We reckon you can too. Seriously, come support the dig, join the team and give it a go!

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