Bourke-WhiteTorpedoed in the Mediterranean, strafed by the Luftwaffe, bombarded in Moscow, pulled out of a crashed chopper, and stranded on an Arctic island: photographer Margaret Bourke-White was as Maggie the Indestructible!

Today’s #WWWednesday post caught my eye on the website of our friends and fellow Suffolk-based HLF project, the 8th in the East. If you haven’t already heard of this lot, you really should check them out! The 8th is a three-year Heritage Lottery funded programme of archaeology, oral history and museum development  which will keep alive the momentous story of what’s become known as the ‘friendly invasion’ of World War II: the Americans! What was that famous quote? Overpaid… Anyway, if you’re interested in taking part in a WWII-based project, give them a bell – there are loads of ways to get involved.

Hannah Potter, 8th in the East’s Community Archaeologist, uncovered the incredible, inspirational story of Margaret Bourke-White whilst doing desk-based research. As Hannah says, “Margaret’s photos, especially the ones in colour, make you feel as if you are almost there. They give an insight to the people that were there and somehow make it feel more real. It is when I find photos such as these and learn about the fascinating lives and stories behind them, that I realise I am not just looking at a group of derelict buildings. People worked there, lived there, and in some cases, died there.”

For more info on Maggie the Indestructible’s story, and to see some of her images, have a read of Hannah’s blog – and sign up for the 8th in the East’s newsletter. It’s ace!


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