Friday Five-times-two-plus-two Archaeological Anomalies!


So, Aisling has the week off from the Friday Five, and we realised that we couldn’t leave our readers without suitable interesting list of intrepid and interesting information to celebrate the most wonderful day of the week! Lucky Lisa found the following melange of archaeological anomalies on Viral Nova (we couldn’t and wouldn’t possibly claim it as our own!) but we thought it was worth sharing – quite interesting, really, if a little bit less academic! Enjoy…

Human civilization has been on the Earth for a long time (and the Earth was around for even longer than that). So it would make sense that there are mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations… so much happened, yet we have documentation of what or why.

Here are 12 mysterious and strange discoveries made in archaeology. Science has yet to fully explain them, so it’s hard to speculate as to the truth of the situation, but it’s also impossible to dismiss them as hoaxes.


The most frustrating thing about these discoveries and myths is that no matter how much scientific research is done, we will never know for certain what happened. This mystery is a wonderful part of life, but also frustrating.

Share these incredible mysterious discoveries with others. What do you think happened?



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