Newsflash: there is a non-archaeologist among us!

Introducing the newest member of the DV family…

Introducing EmilyWe are very pleased to announce our latest addition, Emily Woodburn, who joined DigVentures on a dark and stormy night, after a heartfelt and cheeseburger-laden proposal.

Emily spent several years in the Production team for Time Team. She might not be an archaeologist, but she certainly knows how to manage them! Her specialities include always knowing what you need before you know you need it; dealing with the press and irate farmers; having a solution for literally every problem you can think of, and finding amazing party venues. She also runs a supper club, but you’ll have to ask her about that when you meet her!

As our Operations ninja, not only is Emily always (and I do mean always) a step ahead of everyone else, she generally has cookies when you finally do catch up with her! And she once saved DV MD Lisa’s life with a pair of pantyhose (it’s a looooooong story).

We decided to ask Em a few questions so you could all get to know her a little bit better:

What was your favourite Time Team shoot, and why?
Westminster Abbey.  Because we had access to the non-public areas of such an iconic building, plus we confirmed a new burial site which was previously only rumoured to be there.

How do you feel about the programme being cancelled?
Although all good things must come to an end, I think it’s a shame Time Team has been completely cancelled.  I think as well as the entertainment factor it was more of an educational programme and brought the history of our country alive through archaeology.

Why did you join DigVentures?
I went to visit DV in Flag Fen last summer and instantly felt the passion of everyone, from Management through to the Venturers.  It’s the same feeling I had watching Time Team and immediately wanted to be part of it.  That, and they had a beer tent!

What are you looking forward to most about the digs this year?
As I’m not an archaeologist, I always look forward to seeing artefacts and history appearing out of the ground. To me, the fact that a site has never been excavated before is so exciting; we will be the first people to have laid eyes on the finds for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years.

What is your best piece of advice for novice diggers about the one thing they really can’t live without on site (besides a trowel!)?
Layers!  One minute its hot, the next its raining. Start with a vest top and build up from there.  Same with the legs, tights, long-johns, trousers and waterproofs.  If it’s hot, I’d also recommend P20 sunscreen.  It’s expensive but you only need to put it on once in the morning so you don’t have to smear muddy hands all over your face.

Who is your favourite archaeologist (besides the Dv team of course!)?
I know I’m biased but it has to be Dr. Phil Harding.  Not only is he a wonderful character but I’ve never met anyone as enthusiastic about stains in the ground.  He takes time to teach beginners and his trenches are most certainly the neatest I’ve ever seen!

Tell us a joke.
How do you know when your flies are down?
They just hang around the house looking depressed.


‘Emily is not an archaeologist.  Although, having spent six years working with Channel 4’s Time Team, she’s picked up a thing or two!

She studied Graphic Design & Advertising at Hounslow Borough College before moving into the television industry, starting in post production, then pre-production at Saatchi & Saatchi and finally into commercial production.  If you get the chance, ask about her time producing music videos, she’s bound to drop a few names into the conversation. On return from a sabbatical as a Ski Chalet Chef, she finally found her dream job of organising people in and out of muddy holes and is happy to wallow there for as long as possible.’



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Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Written by Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Co-founder and Managing Director of DigVentures, Lisa makes sure the boxes are ticked, the diggers run on time, and that everyone has a *really* good time along the way. She is responsible for the Americanisms, ridiculously strong site coffee and early morning DV dance parties.

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