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Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Co-founder and Managing Director of DigVentures, Lisa makes sure the boxes are ticked, the diggers run on time, and that everyone has a *really* good time along the way. She is responsible for the Americanisms, ridiculously strong site coffee and early morning DV dance parties.

Dig for Victory: DV’s Virtual Fieldschool goes global

The breakaway success of DV’s contribution to helping our community through worldwide lockdown has taken us by surprise. What’s the inside scoop?

Not All Women

Something truly terrible happened to archaeology last week: one of our largest and most visible organisations, the Society for American Archaeology, spectacularly failed in its duty of care to several attendees at their annual…

Notes from the Unemployable

(If you’re reading this because you want to see the DV Learning Agreement for fieldschools I tweeted about yesterday, here it is) This post is a bit long – but I’ve been quiet for…

Lancaster Hoard

‘Jaw-Dropping’ Lancaster Hoard To Make Its First Public Appearance This September

The Lancaster Hoard is one of North West England’s most spectacular Bronze Age discoveries. Recently unearthed by two metal detectorists, these jaw-dropping artefacts will go on display this September, while while archaeologists carry out…

DigVentures Lindisfarne

Addicted To Archaeology: We Made A Documentary, And Here’s Why

‘We’re not just glorified garbage-men standing in the way of development…’ I can’t even remember saying those words, but clearly I did – because I’ve just watched myself saying them, during a rather impassioned…

We Tracked Down Donaeld The Unready And Asked Him What He Really Thinks

We’ve all read his infamous tweets. In our unending quest for the post-truth, DigVentures has used our archaeological nous to track down King Donaeld the Unready and secure an exclusive interview to find out…

DigVentures Advisory Board

DigVentures announces new Advisory Board

Sir Tony Robinson, David Gilbert and Carole Souter CBE join DigVentures advisory board DigVentures – the archaeological social enterprise – announces today, 1 March, a new advisory board to provide strategic consultancy and high-level…

The Sea, the Sky, the Dunes, and God: Visiting Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne is an island so steeped in history and drama that it hardly needs an introduction; it’s where the stunning Lindisfarne Gospels were created and was the wellspring of England’s Christianty. In 793 it…

Site Diary: The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plane

Picture this: you’re sitting at a beachside café, feet up, cold bevvie in hand, watching a sunset and talking endless amounts of nonsense with your friends. The table is strewn with the remnants of…

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Shovel picnics, or educational rescue archaeology?

An American landowner is selling off plots of land with ‘guaranteed archaeology’ to people who want to come and dig them up. Is this really a good thing for public archaeology? In the United…

Interview with a Space Archaeologist

Boldly going where no man, woman, child or dog has gone before, Dr Alice Gorman has been involved in the establishment of Space Archaeology as a sub-discipline. She’s also an out-of-this world authority on…

Victory in the Welsh Streets! Crowdfunding Saves Neighbourhood from Demolition

Civic crowdfunding has proved a powerful point: historic neighbourhoods can be saved from demolition and affordably regenerated, instead of expensively rebuilt. DigVenture’s crowdfunding partners SAVE Britain’s Heritage have won their hard-fought inquiry to preserve…

1,000 year old food bank discovered in North America

The Feeding Britain report is making an impact across the country today – but were there food banks in the past? There is surprisingly very little information easily available about food banks in ancient…

Crowdsourcing Archaeology: An Interview with MicroPasts

If like us you’re interested (or even obsessed!) with all things innovative and archaeological, you’ll probably have noticed the new MicroPasts project making a huge impact over the past few months. DV have been…

Mick Aston’s Advice to Would-be Archaeologists

We’ve been reflecting on Mick Aston’s legacy as an outstanding archaeologist, outspoken educator, and overall cool cat. DigVentures was started with a huge amount of inspiration from the ‘Aston Approach’ to learning, doing, and…

First stop: Finland! Crowdfunded archaeology goes global!

Tracing finds with Emmi Koivisto and the University of Oulu A couple of weeks ago, DV was contacted by a team of archaeologists from the University of Oulu in Finland who had been inspired…

Triceratops poo and SEO: what’s the connection?

SEO is killing the internet, and it’s a great big pile of… Obviously we would rather use a bit stronger language, but it’s an excuse to illustrate our point with an image from one…

The $65 billion picture

The $65 billion picture

Welcome to #MondayFundDay! We here at DigVentures caught on to the potential of crowdfunding almost immediately. As early adopters, we knew it was an absolute slam-dunk in terms of reaching new audiences, involving the…

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