It’s been another busy week here at Flag Fen towers – we’re still fundraising like crazy, and continuing to pick up some well appreciated publicity for our dig this summer. Hot off the (archaeological) press is a news story in Current Archaeology magazine called ‘Unflagging Interest,’ detailing our work on site this year. Check out the latest issue…

We’re continuing to pick up some fabulous from bloggers too, with a short piece on Martin Rundkvist’s blog (the saucily named Aardvarchaeology – presumably to ensure its always found first in the Yellow Pages). Ever current, his piece ‘Fishing and Sacrifice at Must Farm’ covers recent articles in Current Archaeology (Feb: 262) and British Archaeology (March/April) and is an excellent summary of both – well worth a read.

Warming the cockles of our hearts – comes this fabulous piece from Margarita de Guzman, one of the few other people in the world who really knows what crowdfunding archaeology looks like from the inside. Margarita leads a busy archaeological consultancy in Canada, still finding time to dig an awesome prehistoric research and rescue excavation on St. Vincent in the Caribbean – a site she experimented with crowdfunding at the beginning of this year. If the glorious fenland weather doesn’t do it for you (and we know that’s a long shot!) check out the SVG Digs programme – they will be on site again in March 2013. Our bathing costumes are already packed!

All the best (and Happy Easter from us all!)

Lisa, Brendon and Raksha

(and thanks to Chip Simons for the seasonal photo!)

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