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How To… Make Your Own Stonehenge Pumpkin

Henge Vs. Hillfort: A history-lovers guide to spotting the difference

Henges (like Avebury) and hillforts (like Maiden Castle) are probably two of the most iconic features of the British landscape. These impressive ancient monuments are nearly as big as they are old, but can…

Mick Aston’s Advice To Would-Be Archaeologists

Vikings Introduced A ‘Scandalous’ New Hairstyle And The Anglo-Saxons LOVED It

Aside from their stereotypical burning, pillaging and raping, Vikings also seem to have introduced a new hairstyle to early medieval England. But as the trend grew, some Anglo-Saxon priests started to express concern over this…

Amazing Artefacts: King Eadberht’s Last Silver Sceat

Minted over 1,200 years ago, this heavily worn silver coin featuring a fantastical, four-legged beast was found at the site of Lindisfarne’s first Anglo-Saxon monastery. In 2016, DigVentures began the first full-blown search for…

Why Almost Everything We Thought We Knew About Skellig Michael Is Wrong

Circular huts and lonely hermits? Here’s why (almost) everything we thought we knew about Skellig Michael could be wrong. As DigVentures gets ready to invite our crowdfunders to join us for a second round…

Perfectly Preserved Bronze Age Flower Found Inside 3,000 Year Old Treasure Hoard

This perfectly preserved, 3,000 year-old flower was found INSIDE the hollow end of an axe, showing that Bronze Age hoards weren’t just about metal. In 2016, DigVentures was called out to investigate a freshly…

Why Archaeology Is The Best Cultural Experience You Can Have

ARTEFACT OF THE WEEK: Romano-British Trumpet Brooch

What better way to announce a brand new series of DigVentures’ Artefact of the Week than with… a TRUMPET brooch? Yes, each week, we’re putting the spotlight on an artefact from the DigVentures archive….

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This Iron Age Cauldron Features A God With Three Moustaches

This Greek god was found on the side of an Iron Age cauldron, and we’re impressed by the fact that he’s got not one, not two, but THREE moustaches. So how did he end…

The Contents Of These 400 Year Old ‘Face Jugs’ Is Actually Pretty Gross

When archaeologists opened these jars, they found them full of human hair and urine. Here’s why. Yes, this 400 year-old jug looks pretty jolly. Indeed, these Bartman Jugs would probably have originally contained beer…

The Aftermath Of The Great Fire Of London Was Worse Than You Think

The Great Fire of London burned savagely for four days in September 1666. When it finally went out, the city rose from the ashes and was quickly reborn, or so the usual story goes….

These Strange Romano-British Artefacts Were Found In A Cave In Yorkshire

DigVentures Lindisfarne

What Anglo-Saxon Monasteries Have That Medieval Ones Don’t

When you picture a monastery, what you see is probably medieval; all cloisters, gatehouses and soaring masonry. But they weren’t always like that, and Lindisfarne is the perfect example. The North Sea island of…

Why This 8,000 Year-Old Piece Of Wood Is Blowing Archaeologists’ Minds

Mesolithic carpenters left stone tools, wood chippings and a partially constructed boat on a site that’s now 11m below the sea. What’s more, there’s evidence that they were using woodworking techniques not otherwise seen…

How One Anglo-Saxon Boy Changed the Course of English History

Oswald Iding may not be a household name, but soon after he returned home in AD633 to reclaim his family throne he also founded a monastery on the tiny North Sea island of Lindisfarne….

What archaeologists really want to know about Stonehenge’s Big Sister

This Ancient Sauna Is Changing How We Think Britain’s Neolithic Henges Were Used

Imagine you’re in a sauna, eyes closed and breathing in the hot steam. Feeling cleansed, relaxed and having achieved your zen, you get up and step out of the steam house into the middle…

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