Three things not to forget to pack for a dig


So you’re heading off for an excavation. Your trowel is polished. Your boots are in the bag. Your sleeping bag is all rolled up. You’re trying to cram in all your fave archaeology summer reads.

And in the midst of all the excitement, you forget something essential. Here’s three things not to leave behind:

1. Head torch

For those moments when you are stumbling back from the pub (or in our case, the Wattle and Daub) and need your hands free to open your tent/untie your shoes/detach yourself from everyone else’s guy ropes… So make like Tom Hiddleston and remember: your head torch will be your best friend in the darkness.

Tom Hiddleston Head Torh gif

2. Kneeling pad

Let’s be honest, kneeling on the ground for long periods of time whilst digging is never going to be comfortable. A kneeling pad will save your knees (and makes a lovely makeshift seat when the ground is damp). Oh, and the more stylish the better.

Knee pad

3. Woolly Jumper (stripes optional but recommended)

Because no archaeologist feels complete without one. And if you’re on site on 19th July, don’t forget it’s that stalwart of the archaeologist’s social calender: Stripy Jumper Day in honour of Mick Aston!

stripy jumper

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Written by Kezia Evans

Kezia’s parents knew that she would be an archaeologist when they found her digging for ‘old things’ in the garden with a teaspoon at the age of six. She is now a fully-grown, tea-drinking museum-worker who in her spare time enjoys visiting... more museums!

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