Friday Five… Christmas Presents for Archaeologists

Merry Crimbo from DigVenturesAhh… Christmas. A time for family, trimming the tree and eating so much you feel sick… and who could forget the magical Christmas tradition of manically running round fighting the last minute hordes to find the perfect pressies. Here at DigVentures we like to lend a helping hand, and while we can’t cook your turkey, we can help you with one thing: here are five present ideas that are guaranteed to get you in the good books of all your favourite archaeologists…

1. Bone China

Recently spotted by one of the DV team, this should be on all osteoarchaeologist’s wish lists. If you know someone who needs an espresso shot to wake them from the dead each morning, this is the one for them.

2. Two Feet Short of a Trench

Named ‘Bad Archaeologist Shoes’ this pair depict Henirich Schliemann and Thomas Bruce 7th Earl of Elgin. If nothing more, these two controversial chaps will provide innumerable talking points at dig parties. Though we feel the description should mention that these pretty white pumps are in no way, shape or form suitable to be worn for archaeological excavation.

3. Timeless Text Talk

To remind techno buffs where their text talk comes from this case (to fit the Samsung galaxy) disguises your gadget as a clay tablet. This can further widen its function to include show off artefact when placed in a glass cabinet for when fellow archaeologists come to tea, and also ‘learn to read cuneiform’ train entertainment. (Similar items available for the iPad and iPhone)

4. Adopt a stone

Know someone who would fancy owning his or her own real piece of Roman history? Why not adopt them a virtual stone from Hadrian’s Wall through this new charity fundraising appeal? Although they won’t get to display it on their mantelpiece, they will know that thanks to them the wall is one brick closer to preservation. Also suitable for Pink Floyd fans.

5. Dug there, got the…

There are moments of doubt in every archaeologist’s career. But when the times get tough, and every shade of browny grey is starting to look frustratingly identical. Just take a step back and think… what would Colin Renfrew do?

So there you go folks – happy clicking – and remember:

An archaeologist is for life… not just for Christmas!

 DigVentures Fergus


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Written by Aisling Serrant

An all round museum educator and enthusiast, Aisling's the Family Festival Coordinator at the Museum of London Docklands.

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