As the summer season at Flag Fen built to a tremendous crescendo, we were thrilled to host our penultimate DVIP speaker – Time Team’s very own Tony Robinson.

There’s a fantastically adorned chair in the Iron Age roundhouse at Flag Fen, with ‘Bard of the Fens’ carved across the back. If anyone deserved to inherit that mantle (or at least borrow it from Francis Pryor!) it had to be Tony.

Instantly putting us all at ease, Tony took us on a personal journey, describing himself as an ‘archaeological storyteller’ and explaining how he had come to love the past. With his irreverent style honed, like a cunning plan, in West End theatre land – his mission in life is to undermine the ‘academic conspiracy’ that tries to make archaeology boring and inaccessible. This clip is from the question and answer session – but gives a brief flavour of the fabulous, thought-provoking time that was had by all.

  • Why has Time Team only got three days to find out?
  • What’s the most exciting site Time Team has ever dug?
  • Is archaeology engaging enough for young people?
  • How does Time Team choose its sites?
  • And… touching on the controversy that surrounded Mick Aston’s resignation from Time Team last year (and foreshadowing the Channel Four’s decision not to re-commission the series) – is archaeology on TV dumbing down?

A master at work; watch this and you’ll know why Time Team will be sadly missed!

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Brendon Wilkins

Brendon Wilkins

Co-founder and Projects Director at DigVentures, Brendon heads up our field and post-ex team. Aside from field archaeology, his specialisms are cheese, tea and writing animatedly about himself in the third person.

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