Week 2 in the DigVentures House…

Woke up this morning to some great blog coverage from around the internet! Getting shout-outs and re-tweets from our fellow bloggers is so important to us – we need to tell as many people as possible about Flag Fen Lives and we can only do that if everyone we know (and everyone they know, and everyone they know, and everyone they know…) gets behind the campaign. Bloggers and tweeters of the world unite! The future of Flag Fen is in your hands!

First out of the blocks was Doug Rocks-MacQueen, who’s site ‘Doug’s Archaeology’ has been a favourite of mine since it came on line about a year ago. Doug covered us straight after we launched, and asked some typically provocative questions (which I hope I helped cover on his comments page). I get the feeling Doug’s jury is still out on crowdfunding – but it sound’s like he’s really open to the idea, and he wished all the best of luck.

Next up was Alan Simkins at ‘Heritage Action’ (who’s gone all Monty Python on us!). Heritage Action is run by a small group who regularly highlight dangers to archaeological sites in Britain and Ireland. In Alan’s post ‘How to become an Archaeologist’ he rightly draws a comparison between Flag Fen and Star Carr – both major sites we have barely scratched the archaeological surface of, but both will be little more than a cultural memory within a generation if we don’t excavate now. Not surprised the rescue angle wasn’t lost on these guys!

‘Archaeologist for Hire’ Annelise Baer covered us with her usual upbeat sense of humour too. Really pleased by this post – we want to reach out to as many people Stateside as possible. Are you hiring archaeologists? Then hire her!

Last up is an interview I did for Henry Rothwell at Digital Digging. Henry does some really interesting work with 3D modeling and visualisation, and his blog covers the interface between new technology and archaeology. I was delighted to be asked to contribute, and the questions really got me thinking. Thanks everyone for linking to us, and if there are any other bloggers out there who want to find out more and write about what we’re up to, just drop me a line!

All the best, Brendon

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