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Leiston Abbey 2015

Join us this summer for another full programme of archaeological excavation at Leiston Abbey

Have you always wanted to try archaeology, or just love learning about it? Have you done a bit of digging, and can’t wait to get back into the trenches?


We need to raise £18,000 to make this incredible project happen and we need your support. The countdown to Leiston Abbey 2015 has begun!

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DigCamp - Archaeology for Kids

DigCamp – Saturday 18 July 2015

Is your child fascinated by archaeology? Or have you always wanted to try it, but never had the time? Then DigCamp is for you!

SATURDAY,  18 July 2015

DigCamp is a full day of archaeology and fun for kids and parents to enjoy together on a real, live, in-progress archaeology dig. You‘ll learn about archaeology together, actually try it alongside professionals, and use some of the latest gadgets and coolest tech in archaeology – all while spending a fantastic day with your child at one of Suffolk’s most important and beautiful medieval ruins.

One booking is for a parent-child team. Additional family members at £10 each



There’s no sand pits or simulations at DigCamp. It’s all real archaeology!

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What our Venturers say

I have never used traditional recording methods, so the Digital Dig Team system was my first go at that and it was really easy to use. I want to come back tomorrow but I have to go to work! I will definitely be back next year. Read More...
Laura O'Malley
I had a jolly good two days, I'm really impressed with the standards, professionalism and technology. This is different to what many people experience on an archaeological dig, it is in a different league. Read more...
Garry Grieve
I work for a hedge fund, am interested in history and wanted to try out archaeology. It was really fun. I made new friends and had a nice team and found a bone! I mean, how many other people can be Indiana Jones for the day?! Read More...
Isabela Daniels Cismariu
I'm a consultant of digital communication. I've had a fascination about history for years and archaeology is a way to actively explore the past. When I heard about DigVentures and its unique 'democratization' of digging digitally I had to get involved! Read more...
Simon Collister