Lindisfarne: The Viking Raids

Featured in Assassins Creed, Last Kingdom, and Vikings, the tiny island of Lindisfarne was the site of one of the first Viking raids on the British Isles.At the time, it was home to a wealthy, undefended monastery which was famous for producing beautiful sculptures and metalwork, and became a major destination for pilgrims.This animation shows you what the island would have looked like when Vikings attacked, and some of the real archaeological remains that have been discovered over the last few years.

About the project

Raided by the Vikings, and birthplace of the Lindisfarne gospels, the Anglo-Saxon monastery on Lindisfarne is one of the most iconic sites in early medieval history. And yet, archaeologists are still in the dark about its location. After a few tantalising clues emerged, Dr David Petts joined up with DigVentures to assemble a mixed team of professionals and non-professionals alike to investigate. Finding Anglo-Saxon remains at these locations will provide archaeologists with a wealth of evidence to better understand this transformative period.

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