What kind of projects do we choose for the platform?

Our platform exclusively hosts partnership projects in which DigVentures is involved. This means that if you have a site or an idea for crowdfunding and you think it would be great to work together as a team, you should definitely get in touch.

Examples of how this model works are sites like Lindisfarne, where we are partnered with Durham University; Barrowed Time, where we work with private individuals, the PAS and Durham University; and Digging Darrow where we have teamed up with the Darrow School.

If you are looking for a platform just to host your campaign, you will have to look at other options such as IndieGoGo or Crowdfunder. We do alot of teaching and consultancy about how to crowdfund for archaeology, heritage and culture projects, so if you’re really at the very beginning and need advice on how to get started, we offer a variety of different training that can help.

If you’d like to explore working together or booking training, please send an email to hello@digventures.com. We’ll be in touch right away!