How it Works

With the Flag Fen Lives project, DigVentures is launching Europe’s first-ever crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeological excavation.

We’re running the project through a fantastic partner, Sponsume, who will help us manage the campaign. Our funding window will be open 29th February – April 2012, during which time we need to raise £25,000, to fund our excavation this summer. Back us now!

We will be building a community with archaeology at its heart: our funding ‘Venturers’ will be a part of the project from start to finish. The only difference will be the benefit level that you purchase.

Starting at the £10 level, you will have a ‘backstage’ pass to the Site Hut, a password-protected area on our website offering daily updates on the project, and loads of original content including apps, blogs, on site streaming, interviews, lectures from archaeological superstars, photos, finds news and more. This access is for the duration of one year, until the 2013 season gets underway next April.

The field school at Flag Fen (for those who purchase a benefit at £125 and above) will be really exciting this year. We’ve put a lot of thinking into making this the best experience possible, whether you are digging for a day, a week, two weeks, or the whole project. There will be dedicated staff providing orientation, training and instruction, as well as evening lectures, fun outings and plenty of time for questions. And some surprises, of course!

Places in the field school (from 23rd July – 12th August 2012) are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are only for those aged 17 and older.

What do I do?

Pick a benefit level and purchase! Tell your friends and everyone you know, and ask them to get involved too. You can also purchase benefits as a gift for someone else: don’t we all know someone who has a bit of a geeky fascination with archaeology? Send them our way! The more people who get involved, the more work we can do. And this year isn’t the end – the site is drying out fast, and we need to keep the work going. Planning for the 2013 season is already underway…

What happens after I have bought a benefit?

First things first, you will receive an email from us acknowledging your purchase and welcoming you to the DigVentures team. Immediately after the funding window closes at the end of April, we will open the Site Hut and ship all physical merchandise such as pins, tee-shirts and other items.

Some of the benefits won’t be possible until we’re actually digging, so please bear with us! If you have purchased a benefit to join us on the dig, we will contact you right away to arrange a date, as places are limited and dates will be available on a first-come, first served basis.

Did we mention the party?

The End of Site party, of course! Every good site has a great party to celebrate the end of a successful season, and we’re no exception. Everyone who funds us will be invited to the DigVentures End of Site Party, where you will see a presentation on the season’s results, catch up on project news, mingle with the archaeologists, and get to meet everyone who joined us on site. And there’s bound to be some dancing too…

How do I get in touch with the DigVentures team?

We’re here for you! All emails sent to will be read and replied to by one of the team. We’re also on Twitter (@TheDigVenturers), Facebook and Skype (