faviconOur DigStarter crowdfunding platform is aimed specifically at helping archaeology and heritage organisations launch sustainable projects, build communities and profile, and raise funds.

Kickstarter and the other big sites operate on volume: if your product won’t make them millions, they’re not going to throw their weight behind it. With so many products on these big sites site vying for attention, it’s very difficult to break through with something smaller or a bit different: offering a niche site tailored to heritage and archaeology is our way of creating a place where these projects can achieve the profile they deserve.

Our successful 2012 project, Flag Fen Lives, stands as the world’s first crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeological excavation. We followed up Flag Fen Lives with another successful campaign for Leiston Abbey, again exceeding our funding goal and participation targets.

We know from experience what works, and what doesn’t – there are ingredients for a successful crowdfunding campaign, and we can help you understand how to move your project forward with an authentic, engaged community and greater financial stability.DigVentures Soc Med

In addition to hosting projects on our platform, we offer crowdfunding training and support to help you at every stage of the project. DV’s consultancy model will help you:

  • map your assets
  • design your campaign
  • build your marketing plan, and
  • train your staff in all the activities that are needed to run a successful campaign.

We offer Skype training calls, day sessions, written guides and other flexible options to meet your needs and budget.

It’s not just about the money

We have discovered through our own successful work that crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are extremely powerful, and empowering, community-building and engagement tools. We’re sharing our results with peers around the world as we look at the long-term benefits for archaeology.

There’s no point to putting in the hard work it takes to successfully crowdfund a project unless the ultimate goal is for the funds to help achieve sustainability. There must be a solid plan in place for the future. We will be looking for projects that are working towards the future, and can demonstrate how crowdfunding will help them get there.

How It Works: more info about the platform

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